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Interview: Joiful App Celeb Spokesperson Whitney Port

Interview: Joiful App Celeb Spokesperson Whitney Port


By Sigourney Nuñez

We love a good beauty app, especially if it makes our lives a little easier. Joiful does exactly that. The on-demand beauty service app lets you book a beauty appointment instantly. From hair to nails and massages to facials, beauty professionals are on-call ready to pamper you, anywhere.

On Thursday, February 24, we got to celebrate the official launch of the app in Culver City, California, where we got the chance to meet Whitney Port, Joiful’s celebrity spokesperson to find out why she loves the app and learn a little about her favorite nail trends.

whitney port

Whitney Port (left) with Nail It! digital content manager Sigourney Nuñez (right) at Joiful’s launch party.

Read our interview with the fashionista and beauty guru below!

Why choose Joiful?

You can schedule something and plan for it in advance and that really works for me. Because I have a lot events and parties and things to go to, I always want the easiest option. So having one app that has makeup and hair and massages and nails, where I could literally have a full spa day at home is just so convenient and amazing. And you feel cozy in your own home to it makes it more enjoyable.

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Speaking of nails, what nail color do you typically gravitate toward?

I love a good sparkle! I love a glitter or a rose gold. But usually on a weekly basis I will go for a really bright cherry red or just a nude. I’m never like a light pink type of girl.

Do you typically wear nail art?

Manicures are my guilty pleasure! I love to get them every week So I feel like I’m wasting the artist’s work if I’m getting a manicure every week but I do appreciate it.

What about pedicures?

I don’t get pedicures as often but if I’m going a vacation, I’m definitely going to get gel. But usually I just stick to regular polish.

What kind of color do you prefer to wear on your toes?

Usually darker colors. Because I’m so pale, lighter colors just don’t work on me. So anything black, or a Lincoln Park After Dark or Malaga Wine which is like a burgundy, I like.

Wow! We love that you can mention color names!

That’s the only way I can remember which ones are my favorites. Going out and picking out colors is always such a conundrum. My best friend in New York will literally stand there for half hour trying to pick a color and sometimes I just have to bite the bullet and pick a color for her.

To learn more about Joiful, download the app and visit the website.

[Images: Sigourney Nuñez]