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Where to Find the Best Nail Vinyls

Where to Find the Best Nail Vinyls


By semick

Nail vinyls are essentially flexible stickers in a variety of shapes that you can either use as stencils or add as embellishments to a finished manicure.


For instance, Amy Tran (@amyytran) created these “optical illusion” nails using black and white polish and Whirlpool Nail Vinyls from Snail Vinyls:

Create easy nail art with the same method! Here are  few top brands you can score your vinyls from:


1.) NailVinyls
A few shapes available: damask, lightning bolts, right angles, half moon  


Snail-Vinyls-Amy-Tran2.) Snail Vinyls
A few shapes available: whirlpool, square swirls, wavy lines, Tetris  


A photo posted by KBShimmer (@kbshimmer) on

3.) KBShimmer
A few shapes available: stars, snowflakes, candy canes, tribal



4.) TwinkledT
A few shapes available: paw prints, skulls, elephants, Batman  



5.) Up Your Nail
A few shapes available: American flags, tiny nail polish bottles, swirly hearts, flowers



A photo posted by Laura (@vinyl_boutique) on

6.) Vinyl Boutique
A few shapes available: asterisks, fire, Mickey Mouse ears, scribble lines


Serum-No--5-Anchors-Away-Cut-It-Out-Nail-Vinyls7.) Serum No. 5
A few shapes available: unicorns, honeybees, crowns, anchors



Images: Instagram, Serum No. 5