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What Not to Do When Wearing Baker Street Blue

What Not to Do When Wearing Baker Street Blue


By Andrew Smith

Vampy Varnish blogger Kelly Keeton shares her review of Nails Inc. Baker Street:

Nails Inc. Baker Street is a blue polish, but oh so much more than that.

Baker Street is a bright, saturated cobalt blue, but it doesn’t really start off that way. With the first coat you get a slightly watery, yet still bright blue. With the second coat you start seeing the depth of the blue come out. By the third coat what you have is a really vivid stunning blue.

It’s the kind of blue that makes you stare at your nails all the time. When you wear it, you are going to want to take some time to just gaze at your hands before doing any extra-curricular activities.

Here are my tips:

Don’t wear it while operating heavy equipment, distractions could be deadly.
Don’t wear it while trying to type a term paper, you’ll never get it finished.
Don’t wear it while using a sharp knife, cuts shall abound.
Don’t wear it while giving a presentation with lots of hand gestures, no one will be able to concentrate on what you’re saying.

I think you get the picture. If you love blue nail polish, and especially love a unique bright blue, check out Baker Street! – Kelly Keeton/

[Image courtesy of Kelly Keeton/]