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What is a Hybrid Nail Polish?

What is a Hybrid Nail Polish?


By semick

We have electric cars and tiny computers in the palms of our hands, but up until recently, nail polish has stayed essentially the same. Gel polishes boast long wear time, but they aren’t ideal for the sort of gal who wants to switch colors frequently (gel polishes can often take 20-30 minutes to soak off) or who wants to paint her nails at home without an LED or UV lamp. Regular nail polish can chip after only a day or two, and often takes most of the day to thoroughly dry. In response, your favorite nail brands are developing the next generation of “hybrid” polishes, which borrow some of the best qualities from both gel and lacquer without needing to be cured. Each has its own unique strengths and you’ll find your local salon stocking up on more and more of them.

Try these from your favorite brands:

opi_infinite-shineOPI Infinite Shine
Infinite Shine Lacquer formula and Gloss Top Coat contain gel oligomers that cure under natural room light.
Get it at: Your local salon

China-Glaze-EverGlazeChina Glaze EverGlaze
This nail lacquer system delivers up to 10 days of color and shine in just two easy steps, without UV/LED light or base coat.
Get it at: Your local salon

cnd_vinyluxCND Vinylux
Self-adhering color coat eliminates the need for a base coat, while the top coat utilizes ProLight Technology designed to enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time.
Get it at: Your local salon

Caption-Nail_polishYoung Nails Caption Polish
Caption’s LaQ3 technology, which includes pant-based plasticizers, volcanic glass and shellac, enables manicures to last three times longer than traditional polish and dries completely in 20 minutes.
Get it at: Your local salon

DazzleDryDazzle Dry
The non-yellowing formula dries in five minutes, sans UV light, to a thin, flexible finish. Bonus: It’s hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free.
Get it at: Your local salon

Sally_hansen_miracle_gelSally Hansen Miracle Gel

Though it has the word “gel,” in its name, this product needs no UV or LED lamp, yet lasts up to 14 days. Photointiators in the Miracle Gel top coat help to dry your manicure when exposed to natural light.
Get it at: Your local drugstore

Jessica_Cosmetics_phenomJessica Cosmetics Phēnom
Use two thin layers of Phēnom color over any Jessica Cosmetics base coat; then top with Phēnom Finale Shine. It dries quickly under natural light, allowing you to dig through your purse only minutes after application.
Get it at: Your local salon

orly_epix_colorsOrly EPIX
EPIX is self-leveling, which means it any smudges with application will automatically smooth themselves out. Begin with two coats of EPIX Flexible Color and one layer of Sealcoat.
Get it at: Your local salon

FingerPaints_Endless_WearFingerPaints Endless Wear Long Wear Color
This formula is packed with micro-polymers that make the product flexible and less likely to chip. Apply your color and the Endless Wear Top Coat for a manicure that lasts longer than your traditional FingerPaints polish!
Get it at: Sally Beauty Supply


Images: Flickr via Donna Cleveland; respective manufacturers