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What Inspired The Hamptons Collection from Trust Fund Beauty

What Inspired The Hamptons Collection from Trust Fund Beauty


By semick

Spoil yourself in the last weeks of summer with a chic calorie-free treat! Trust Fund Beauty, the 7-free non-toxic and chip-resistant brand has released The Hamptons collection, which includes nine hand-selected shades with cheeky names like Champagne Problems and But…Daddy.

We asked the brand’s founder, Samara Granofsky a few questions about the collection:

Nail It!: Where did you look for inspiration for this collection?
Granofsky: The first color that I created for this collection was Do You Know Who My Father Is? This light pink shade can be worn during any season and at any age. I wanted to include a color that was versatile for this collection.

I love wearing cobalt blue during the summer so I created Denim With Diamonds. To make this polish fun and seasonal, I added in some shimmer.

I’m Kind Of A Big Deal which is a dusty rose color reminded me of the colors I see both men and women wear during the summer in the Hamptons.

If you could wear any one shade in the collection for a year, which would it be?
Got Yacht. I love this dark blue shade and it’s one of my go to colors. In the summer I wear it on my toes and in the winter I wear it on my fingers.

Can you give us any hints on what we’ll see next?
The next collection will be our fall collection and lets just say; it’s not your typical collection! I went a bit outside of our color pallet box by adding in new and unusual shades. I also included new finishes that I think everyone will enjoy.

Image: Trust Fund Beauty