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What Do Guys Actually Think of Your Nails?

What Do Guys Actually Think of Your Nails?


By semick

We’ve all wondered – do guys even really notice nails? Do they care? We asked a real-life guy, Scott, for his opinion of a girl’s nails on a first date.

“First and foremost, a little nail TLC shows that you care about your appearance. When we look at your nails we can instantly discern your style, personality and also how much you take care of yourself. Just like you look at our shoes, belt and watch to figure us out, we do the same with you—and your nails are a big tell. You may not believe this, but guys know that girls put a lot of time, care and attention into their nails (even if we act like we don’t). We also know that you spend money on them; they don’t just miraculously look like that on their own (…do they?). And when it comes to the complex stuff, we know that you probably spent a lot of money at the salon to get them looking like that. Even if we don’t understand it, we know how important it is to you; therefore, a well-manicured set of nails tells us a lot about the girl sitting in front of us.

“Next comes the subject of color. We all know shades change with seasons, surroundings and, of course, what you’re wearing—and, I think, different colors would suit different occasions. If a guy is taking you out for a quiet drink to get to know you, are you going to flash neon yellow nails? Oh, you are? Well, we might think that a shocking shade like that would be better for a night of dancing or bar-hopping, so don’t judge us for not commenting on them right away. I mean, what do we know about color? All we know is that your subtle pink or classic red nails will go noted in the back of our minds in the “this girl cares about her appearance” category. But if you present us with 10 glittering digits, at some point we won’t be able to stop ourselves from starting a conversation about them.

“Speaking of talking points, let’s talk nail art. Jewels, designs, bows, pearls; even guys know that the hottest thing in the world of nails is the myriad of ways in which you can design them. Now, I’m not one to tell you to quiet the nail artist in you, but let me give you fair warning: When we’re nervous, we sometimes get a little ADD, so just make sure that your over-the-top, decked-out nails complement your overall style and don’t distract us from looking at you. In other words, don’t let your nails walk in the door before you! That being said, nail art is really a great icebreaker, and anything that sparks conversation on a first date is a good thing.

“At the end of the day, we pretend to know a lot more about you girls than we actually do. In reality, guys love simplicity—so give us a break! The most important thing is that you remain authentic. Show us who you really are, whether that means nails that are loud and eccentric or soft and understated. And if you do, I guarantee this: Once you make an impression on us, that second date won’t be far behind.”

(name and image changed to protect the innocent)

Image: Flickr via Yuri_Samoilov