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We’ll Be on Oxygen’s New Reality Show, Nail’d It!

We’ll Be on Oxygen’s New Reality Show, Nail’d It!


By niwp_admin

It’s official, guys; we’re going to be on TV!  We’re partnering up with Oxygen on their new reality show,Nail’d It!, which is coming this fall. We can’t spill all the nitty gritty details yet, but let’s face it, guys: it will feature amazing nail art and incredible artists – so it’s going to be awesome.

Here’s what we can tell you: the show will be an innovative self-contained challenge pitting the country’s fiercest nail designers against one another. Hosted by fashionista Adrienne Bailon, each episode will feature three “Nailistas” as they are pushed beyond their creative limits to face off, crafting flawless flat paint designs and over-the-top 3D works of art using everything from gels, wraps, polishes, glitter, lace and rhinestones to 3-D objects and extreme materials. The winners of each battle will then compete in a two-part finale until only one artist is left standing to claim the $100,000 prize, which will get them to the next level in their aspiring career.


Behind-the-scenes photo of host Adrienne Bailon on the set of Nail’d It!


Some nail art bloggers got to visit the set for a day!
This photo is from the amazing @modnails

You’ll be able to keep up on new info about the show right here as well as:
The show’s site:
Oxygen’s Twitter:  @Oxygen
Oxygren’s Instagram: @OxygenMedia

Images: Oxygen via Facebook, Instagram @modnails]