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We Tried the Nails Inc. Paint Can Polish and Here’s What Happened…

We Tried the Nails Inc. Paint Can Polish and Here’s What Happened…


By semick

If somebody told you that you could paint your nails from start to finish in only a few minutes, would you believe them? That’s the claim that the newfangled Nails Inc. Paint Can ($12) makes—and boy, does it deliver. We tested it out—because that’s what we do—and it really is that fast. First, you apply base coat (this is integral to your success). Then, you spray on the Paint Can polish color (we used Hoxton Square neon pink). Don’t worry about the overspray; trust. Seal the color with top coat (Nails Inc. suggests its base and top coat 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat). Then, wash your hands in soapy water. That’s it! The errant color washes away and the polish stays put.

IMG_1954Our first go at it (see the process in our video below) yielded pretty amazing results: Our sidewalls are clean; the color is pretty much where it needs to be. However, some of the spray polish pooled at our cuticles due to us getting the base coat too close to our cuticles. Lesson learned!

As of right now, you’ll have to wait for this mani shortcut: The Nails Inc. Paint Can will make its debut stateside in March/April 2016 in two colors—the aforementioned Hoxton Square and Shoreditch Lane, a silver foil. Here’s hoping that many more colors are introduced; we can all live with the extra minutes this timesaver gives us back! —Karie L. Frost