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We Asked: What Polish Cures Your Winter Blues?

We Asked: What Polish Cures Your Winter Blues?


By semick

Maybe you’re stuck in the huge storm that’s going on right now – or just a little bummed that it’s not quite beach weather yet. Sure, Netflix and pizza will help pass the dark days until the sunshine reigns again, but we firmly believe nail polish can help any ailment! So we talked to a few of our favorite nail bloggers to find out which polish banishes their winter blues – and here’s what they said!

  • “Well neons always shake me out of the winter blues! There's no reason to wear dull colours just because it's dull outside and neons actually look so much better in darker weather as they seem to glow more! China Glaze Purple Panic, which I'm holding in this photo, is my ultimate shocking pink neon. I've sponged it on with a number of other CG neons and topped with stamped snowflakes for an alternative winter mani!" – @clairestelle8

  • “I love El Corazon brand. They have about 1000 nail polish shades. I personally love creamy formula. Here is a swatch with Kaleidoscope by El Corazon”   – @yagala

  • “Gothic Gala Lacquers Lili St. Cyr. The color and depth make me think of juicy leaves, fresh air and long walks in nature. It's my favorite green polish!” – @narmai

  • “In my opinion, the best polishes to cure those winter blues are neon polishes! And my newest neon obsession is called "East Austin" by Color Club. It's a beautiful bright coral that cheers me up anytime I put it on but when I wear it on a cold, snowy day the neon seems to pop even more!!”  – @melcisme

  • “China Glaze's Point Me to the Party is the perfect polish to break up the gloom of winter. Its colorful confetti glitters cheer me up instantly!” – @chalkboardnails