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Bloggers You Should Know: Janelle of Elleandish

Bloggers You Should Know: Janelle of Elleandish


By Fefe

Meet Janelle, the artist behind the gorgeous designs you’ll find on Youtube channel Elleandish. Though she was originally terrified by the thought of sharing her videos, her channel now has 200,000 subscribers, with some of her most played videos reaching half a million views! Read on to find out more about how she did it.

  • How long have you been doing nail art? I liked nail polish growing up but I didn’t start adding designs until after I finished college. I bought a Konad stamping kit in 2009 and started practicing. Now that I have my YouTube channel I’m working on bettering my freehand skills. What about it first interested you? It’s both productive and therapeutic! Where does your Youtube channel name come from? It’s a meaningless name that I thought sounded nice at the time! I’ve had someone tell me it should have been “Janails” … too bad I can’t go back in time and change it! Haha.

  • Do you always have amazing nails? Do people comment on them? Definitely not! Nowadays I have nothing on my nails unless I’m going out to a special event or if I’m filming, which is a shame. Between YouTube and a full time job I don’t have as much free time as I used to. But when I do paint them I’ll get asked about it once in a while. What was the hardest part about getting to where you are today? The hardest part was starting it! For years I toyed with the idea of starting a channel, but I shut myself down because I was scared of any potential negativity. I started a small blog and I posted a few nail looks, but posting videos was a terrifying concept. As my first video was uploading, my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest!

  • You’ve created so many YouTube videos! What got you started using that media to promote yourself? Did you ever think you would take it as far as it did? The thing that got me started was a new desktop! (It was a Christmas gift from my parents.) It had a few editing software programs built in so I decided to learn how to edit videos. I asked my fiancé for a video editing book for Christmas as well. I liked DIY, makeup and fashion but nails seemed like a fun topic to focus on. That was about a year ago. Now the channel has nearly 200K subscribers! I never would have expected that. What other opportunities have you been offered because of your popularity on Youtube? I just recently visited OPI headquarters and that was seriously a dream come true! I’ve had some companies send me goodies to test out and review as well as tickets to beauty events but other than that I still feel like a small fish in a big pond. I’m so thankful for everything that’s happened so far.

  • Which of your videos has had the most hits? Mickey Mouse-inspired nails, Valentine’s Day nails, lightning bolt nails, & Tiffany-inspired nails [Janelle's very first video!].

  • What is your favorite nail trend? Glitter!!! I don’t think I will ever get sick of it. What advice would you give to someone who want to begin making beauty videos on Youtube? Just do it! I wish I had started earlier. Film in natural light if possible. If not, try out some inexpensive lighting before you shell out the big bucks. Try to keep your video format consistent so viewers know what to expect. Also, show enthusiasm! I had to learn that the hard way. When it comes to video editing, keep challenging yourself. Put in the work and you will definitely go far!

  • What is your favorite original nail art you’ve done? I’m really liking the floral nails I did last week… They were easy to do and still very pretty! Anything else you’d like to share? I just wanted to say thanks! Thank you Nail It! magazine for the opportunity! :)