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VIDEO: Valentine’s Day Nail Art Stamping

VIDEO: Valentine’s Day Nail Art Stamping


By Sigourney Nuñez

Happy Valentine’s Day mani mavens! On this love-filled day we are giving you the gift of a tutorial because nothing says we love you more than sharing a new technique you can recreate on your nails.

In this step-by-step video, Greg Salo, president of Young Nails Caption Polish, uses two romantic shades and a stamping kit to execute a heart-inspired manicure. If you’re intimidated by stamping, don’t be! Check out this stamping 101 video where Salo demonstrates the best tips and tricks for every stamping newbie. If you’re a seasoned stamper, we dare you to browse these 17 stamping secrets that will instantly make you an expert.

Once you’re ready to tackle the art of stamping, here are the details to recreate this Valentine’s Day design: 

  1. Apply Caption Polish Base Coat. Allow the coat to dry completely.
  2. Apply Caption Polish in This Is A Must. Repeat for full coverage. Allow each coat to dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  3. Using Caption Polish Off the Grid Stamping Plate, load the plate with Caption Polish Talk Is Cheap, pull the color and pick up the pattern with the stamper. Use the peephole on the clear stamper to determine the placement of the design and use a light pressure to apply the pattern to the nail. Make sure to work quickly so the polish does not dry.
  4. Remove excess polish around the surrounding skin with nail polish remover and cotton swabs. Pro tip: Use a lint roller to remove the excess polish from your stamper! A piece of tape or anything with a sticky back works great too.
  5. Complete the romantic look with Caption Polish Top Coat.

How are you dressing your nails for Valentine’s Day? Tag us on Instagram using #nailitdaily or let us know on Twitter @nailitmag!


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