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VIDEO: Instantly Wrap Your Nails in Color

VIDEO: Instantly Wrap Your Nails in Color


By Sigourney Nuñez

Every lacquer lover has at least one bad manicure story to tell. Whether it’s about a poor polish job, a nail art design gone wrong or a gel-polish removal that didn’t go quite as planned, we’ve been there. In fact, that’s what prompted seasoned nail professional, global educator and product developer Elaine Watson to create Nailebrity Color Films.

nailebrity color films

Nailebrity is a California-based nail products company that has taken out some of the manicures woes to improve the DIY nail experience. Among her line of products is the Take 2, It’s Not A Wrap! Protective Nail Color Films. With these six-free gel wraps, you can instantly color coat your nails with a shade that will last up to two weeks. To use the color films you do not need an LED or UV lamp, there’s no drying time required and you get chip-free wear. Best part of all? The removal process is a breeze.

Nailebrity Color Films

To apply the Nailebrity Color Films, simply prep the nail, size to fit, peel the film and stick the color to a clean surface. That’s it! To remove the color, all you have to do is dip an orangewood stick in nail polish remover to lift the edges of the film and easily peel it off without causing any damage to the natural nail.

Watch this video below to see how to apply the Nailebrity Color Films. 

What are your thoughts about color films? Let us know in the comments below!

[Images: Courtesy of Nailebrity]

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