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These Unicorn Nails Are All The Magic You Need For Spring

These Unicorn Nails Are All The Magic You Need For Spring


By Dale Arden Chong

After what seems to be an explosion of all things magical and glittery, the unicorn craze has reached its height. So I’m calling itβ€”the unicorn trend is the biggest trend of the year. Between lip glosses and highlighters inspired by the mythical creature to creating looks that are downright ethereal with makeup brushes with unicorn horned wands, there’s no stopping this train.

Of course, how can such a trend be complete if it hasn’t been translated to nail art? We didn’t have to look long before we found more than plenty whimsical nails. From textured nails inspired by the unicorn’s horn to sparkling holographic tips and even some gorgeous illustrations paying homage to the most unique and mesmerizing creature there is, take a look and then create your own. Go own, be that unicorn you always wanted to be.

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