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Try The Icy Beauty Trend With Smith & Cult

Try The Icy Beauty Trend With Smith & Cult


By Dale Arden Chong

Spring is just around the corner, which means there are seasonal beauty trends we are dying to try! We tapped beauty ambassadors Sarah Bland and Ashlee Glazer from Smith & Cult to get the best advice on how to easily execute trending and wearable spring looks inspired by what we’ve been seeing on the runway. 

While pastel shades typically reign supreme in spring, these beauty gurus introduced us to frosty whites and cool tones that are making their way into everyday beauty. Get the lowdown on incorporating new colors into your routine. 

If someone wanted to get a little creative with these new spring nailed lacquer shades, what are some easy nail art looks to do?

Sarah Bland: A quick and easy way to get creative with Smith & Cult’s new spring nailed lacquer collection is to simply add a bit of glitter with Glass Souls (large and small glitter particles suspended in a clear base) down the center of the nail. I also think that adding a glitter moon is a nice touch and an unexpected way to experiment with the new spring shades.

Smith and Cult Glass Souls

What are some trends to look out for with nails this season?

SB: This season we will be seeing a lot of frosty shades like Smith & Cult’s new hue Sugarette (opaque white smoke). Frosted nails are a beautifully chic way to draw attention to the nails without nail art. Metallic shades like Smith & Cult’s 1972 (opaque rose gold foil) remain relevant and highly sought after. 

Smith and Cult Sugarette

Smith & Cult’s spring collection features cool tones, which can be a little daunting for the average makeup wearer. Do you have any tips on incorporating blue into an everyday routine?

Ashlee Glazer: A great way to incorporate blue hues into an everyday beauty routine is to begin with the eyes. Use an eye liner or a shadow with a small angled brush as a liner. You can layer blue shadow over a black pencil to make the blue darker while easing in to the trend. Blue tends to whiten the eyes so it is a great color to use to look more refreshed. You can also start by just using it in on the top of the lid and sticking to your regular black or espresso liner on the bottom of the eye. Smith & Cult’s new Book of Eyes Eye Quad in Ice Tears is my go-to choice to try these looks.

Book of Eyes Eye Quad in Ice Tears (side)

How would one use cool tones for evening makeup?

AG: I love cool tones for evening makeup – it even makes your diamonds stand out!  A charcoal, metallic eye is a classic look that I like to mix with a touch of navy and/or pearl blue glitter. The rest of the makeup should be warm with extra blush and subtle color on the lip. If you opt for a nude lip, add a bit of sparkly gloss and don’t forget to brighten the under eye area with your favorite concealer.

What do you think of the icy beauty trend, will you try it out? Let us know in the comments below!

[Images: Courtesy of Smith & Cult]