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Trust Fund Beauty Gives You Spring Time Vibes

Trust Fund Beauty Gives You Spring Time Vibes


By Dale Arden Chong

If there’s anything we love about a good manicure, it’s that your nails allow you to be as sassy as you like. Whether that be through a classic, bold red nail polish or through some epic nail art that does the talking for you, there’s no reason you can’t put a little wit into your beauty look, right?

Trust Fund Beauty has always been the beauty brand that has a bite, and this season is no exception. With color names that are always on point, you’ll have some fun with these new shades. Along with new lacquer shades, the company is also releasing Gimme Good Face, a primer with a soothing eucalyptus scent, and That Glo Tho, a highlighter perfect to throw in your purse and go.

View all the polish colors from the spring release:

 TFB-Celebrity-Crush_NEW-LOGO-2017 1_zpsktkhhy8h

Celebrity Crush – Neon green

TFB-Herbal-Remedy_NEW-LOGO-2016 1_zps2htygvgb

Herbal Remedy – A vibrant, calming green

TFB-Mermaid-Vibes-v2_NEW-LOGO-2017 1_zpsu0pe02nz

Mermaid Vibes – Opalescent pastel

TFB-Boy-Bye_v2-NEW-LOGO-2017 1_zpstu3m7ko9

Boy Bye – A pastel with shimmering hues

Love the punchy names of Trust Fund Beauty? Let us know in the comments below, and then check out more of their products!

[Images: Courtesy of Trust Fund Beauty]