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This Ring is The Perfect Nail Polish Holder…

This Ring is The Perfect Nail Polish Holder…


By semick

If you’re ever spilled a bottle of polish or top coat while painting your nails – I know I still have evidence of a blue polish disaster on my carpet – then you’ll want to arm yourself with this new ingenious device! Tweexy is a polish holder you wear on your hand like a ring so you can keep your lacquer bottle front and center without knocking it over while switching hands.

Tweexy creators Mark and Liz purchased thousands of polishes from different brands with different sized and shaped bottles – squat and circular, long and thin, square, large, small – and organized them meticulously into 250 basic “types.” They then tested prototypes to figure out precisely what holder design would fit them all.  So no matter what brand is your fave, it will fit!

How to Use the Tweexy

If your nails are dry, just slide the rings on like you would jewelry. If your nails are wet, use the squeeze tabs to place Tweexy on your fingers. Press down to loosen cap (you may wish to slightly loosen before you insert bottle). To remove, simply pull up then switch hands.

See it in action…

Images: Tweexy