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This Amazing Ring Doubles as a Nail Polish Palette…

This Amazing Ring Doubles as a Nail Polish Palette…


By semick

Pioneer in the nail art industry H la Cosedora is about to begin manufacturing “Hring”- a stylish, nail art palette that connects to an adjustable ring. The ring is comfortable enough to fit any size hand and its portable design is perfect for anyone ranging from professionals to hobbyists.

Cosedora’s inspiration for the Hring stems from her love of rings and, of course, nail art. The ring is divided up into eight separate sections for the accuracy of brush application; seven of them are water drop-shaped for polishes, one is round to hold a blend of colors or gems, and strip in the center can be used to align the brush head.

Above all, the Hring shows off any nail artist’s dynamic personality and exposes them to a multitude of innovative nail art possibilities. H la Cosedora wants to share her vision with nail artists alike, and is looking for those who are just as passionate about her idea as she is to help finance the mold needed to produce the ring. Head over to the Hring’s Kickstarter page in order to help back the product and even secure one of the first Hrings made for yourself!

– Issa lutfi

Images: H la Cosedora