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This Photo Shoot with Young Breast Cancer Survivors is Absolutely Beautiful…

This Photo Shoot with Young Breast Cancer Survivors is Absolutely Beautiful…


By semick

Lulu’s and NuMe just gave 5 young women an amazing experience. They honored five young breast cancer survivors with a day of beauty – the girls got their hair and makeup professionally done and then participated in a photo shoot modeling Lulu’s clothing. The photos will be used on the companies’ social media accounts to show what real, strong, beautiful women look like.

A breast cancer diagnosis is a shock at any age, but for Dena, the news arrived on her 29th birthday. Elizabeth got the news at 27, and Felicity at 28. They, along with fellow survivors Ada and Stefanie, came together for a day of beauty in their honor, courtesy of NuMe and Lulu’s #NuMelovesLulus Day of Beauty. Often during Breast Cancer Awareness month, we forget that breast cancer affects younger women as well.  Young women diagnosed with breast cancer often face more aggressive cancers and lower survival rates, risk the possibility of early menopause, are more affected when issues of fertility after treatment come into play, plus are often just starting their careers and don’t have the same financial stability to deal with medical costs as older patients.

Beauty-Day3493-Edit While all five women continue their fight against cancer, the road to recovery has been rough, especially when it comes to self-confidence and body image. That’s why NuMe and Lulu’s partnered to help these women feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Fiore Beauty professionals donated their time to do the models’ hair and make up and professional photographer Kat Contreras shot them wearing Lulu’s clothing against a pink backdrop.
“For a few hours, I just feel normal again, you know, like playing with a dress and make up,” said Ada. “Something like this is almost essential in your healing journey.”Beauty-Day3554-Edit
NuMe and Lulu’s also sponsored an Instagram contest where 4 fans won a set of pink hair tools from NuMe and a $250 gift certificate from Lulu’s.
“Our clientele is primarily young women so the opportunity to raise awareness of this very real, very deadly disease was important to us,” said NuMe’s Diana Alvear. “We wanted to use these amazing warriors to show what fighting breast cancer looks like and that beauty goes so much deeper than we realize.”

Images: NuMe