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These Feminist Nail Wraps Have Nude Lady Parts on Them…

These Feminist Nail Wraps Have Nude Lady Parts on Them…


By semick

There’s no nail design more feminine (or feminist) than this. Lena Dunham has teamed up with Rad Nails to bring you nail wraps covered in artsy abstract lady bits.

Maybe you’ve heard of Dunham’s latest project, Lenny. It’s a feminist newsletter full of politics, health, and stories from strong, inspiring women; and now they’ll even have their own online store of girl power-themed items. Along with “Feminist” banners and a “Dismantle the Patriarchy” patch set to sew onto your favorite denim, the brand new online shop features nail wraps created in collaboration with Rad Nails (a brand created by Buzzfeed Editor Chrissy Mahlmeister in 2012) that have – yes, you’re reading this right – geometric boobs, butts, and vajayjays on them. The shapes are subtle enough you could wear them at work with no raised eyebrows from your boss, but still clear enough to be cool.


Each $12 set contains 20 vegan nail wraps, 1 of 5 mystery shape nail files, and instructions to ensure the best application.


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