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The Summer Trend: Opaque Glitters

The Summer Trend: Opaque Glitters


By semick

Opaque glitters + summer = meant to be! This growing genre of lacquer often includes larger, chunky non-metallic pieces of glitter in bright colors. Showcase them by wearing them over white, keep it simple by wearing them on nude nails, or go all out by adding them over a base color.

Three brands to try:

Salon_Perfect_Spirit_FingersSalon Perfect Spirit Fingers

Salon Perfect
Make your Fourth of July especially festive by layering on one of these red, white, and blue toppers or use a small brush to carefully pick out individual pieces from the mix and place them on nails in a pattern of your choosing.



Polish_Me_sillyPolish Me Silly Chaos

Polish Me Silly
This indie brand is known for their brightly colored chunky glitters and they currently offer over 17 neon polka dot color combinations! We like them worn over white for a festive circus-like feel.


Cuccio_a_star_is_bornCuccio Colour A Star is Born

Cuccio Colour
The Cuccio Colour Venice Beach ’81 collection includes two opaque glitters that both mix pastels chunks with smaller, more saturated pieces. The set also includes complementary crème lacquers you can layer under your glitter! You’ll find these at your local salon!

Images: Sinful Colors, Polish Me Silly, Cuccio Colour, @gotnail