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The Most Popular Nail Colors of 2015

The Most Popular Nail Colors of 2015


By semick

What nail colors did you wear the most in 2015? Did you go the way of many chic celebrities with sophisticated nudes or did you pave your own path full of brilliant neons? Well, according to this data from Julep, it’s clear that most of the U.S. gravitated towards deep wine red. The beauty brand calculated their best selling lacquer shades of the year, and here are the results! Interestingly, they’re decidedly different between the U.S. and frozen Canada.


Most Popular Nail Colors in the U.S.

A Julep color called Rayma topped the charts across America. Maybe not so coincidentally, this berry red was named Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015.
colors USA nails

Most Popular Nail Colors in the Canada

Maybe Canada is affected by more of that icy weather: their top pick was a pastel teal called Shelly!

colors CANADA nails

Maybe we’re getting darker, but these color differ drastically from the last color report we saw from Julep in 2014. Last year, shades that topped the charts were warm coral, bright blue, and feminine lavender, with big variations in preference between the U.S.’s East Coast and West Coast. See the report from 2014 here.


Based on Pantone’s picks for 2016 (Rose Quartz and Serenity), it seems we’ll be swinging back to softer hues next season. Think rosy light pink and soft blue. (If you have Rose Quartz and Serenity nail art you’d like to share, make sure to submit them to Snapshot before January 17th!)



For the full color report and more info, see



Images: Julep