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The Latest From New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014

The Latest From New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014


By Charlotte

The Latest From New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014

  • Inspired by vacations in the English countryside, the J JS Lee collection at Fall/Winter ’14 New York Fashion Week matched perfectly with the soft houndstooth nails designed by Butter London Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes. The classic print was mixed up with a rough tire track pattern that popped up in the fabrics as well.

    To try this look yourself: apply Butter London Nail Foundation to the nails, use Cotton Buds to draw squares down the center, and use a short pointed detailer brush for the right side of the nails. Using the same brush, draw short diagonal lines from the top right hand corner and bottom left corner to achieve a chic houndstooth finish.

    [Images: Butter London]

  • The Temperley London Fall/Winter ’14 collection at New York Fashion Week had folklore roots – with embroidered flowers and braids. Butter London Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes gave fingertips a natural nude style by beginning with Nail Foundation, applying two coats of a mixture of Pearly Queen, Trallop, and Chimney Sweep, and finished with a coat of Dodgy Barnett.

    [Images: Butter London]

  • At the Fall/Winter ’14 Meadham Kirchhoff NYFW show, the runway was filled with crazy colorful, fun fabrics. Butter London’s Katie created three distinct looks to accompany collection:

    Look 1: Katie created a bespoke pastel glitter nail lacquer. As she applied two layers of Butter London P.D. Quick Topcoat, she dipped the lacquer brush into a small bowl containing loose lilac glitter. This glitter was then transferred onto the nail via the clear topcoat.

    Look 2: Katie applied two layers of Butter London in Rosie Lee and completed the look with the Butter London P.D. Quick Topcoat.

    Look 3: Katie created another bespoke glitter nail lacquer. As she applied two layers of Butter London P.D. Quick Topcoat, she dipped the lacquer brush into a small bowl containing loose lemon yellow glitter. This glitter was then transferred onto the nail via the clear topcoat.

    [Images: Butter London]

  • The Fall/Winter ‘14 Marios Schwab presentation wasn’t afraid to go nude. The urban collection combined dark leathers with soft, messy hairstyles. To top it all off, Butter London’s Katie Jane Hughes first applied the new Butter London Hydrating Balm to smooth the cuticles, then two coats of Nail Foundation to achieve the nude, matte finish.

    [Images: Butter London]

  • The New York Fashion Week runway at Trina Turk’s Fall/Winter ’14 show was inspired by school uniforms, and both male and female models made an appearance. Along with the colorful, patterned print, both sexes sported nail colors from Julep. The lacquers used included Julep Evelyn (magenta), Donna (peacock blue), Rooney (walnut bark), and Annemarie (warm cocoa). Men can certainly have perfect catwalk nails, too! Men’s thumbs were given a matte-ified layer of Rooney as a unique detail.

    [Images: Julep]

  • Models looked near angelic on the catwalk of Karokyn Pho at the Fall/Winter ’14 New York show. The whole collection felt very West Coast – with simple pieces in camel, wine, and cobalt blue, paired with metallic gold, silk, and leather fabrics. Lead stylist Danielle Candido gave model’s nails a metallic makeover using Morgan Taylor Lacquer Give Me Gold as a base color, Matte’s A Wrap Top Coat, and then a final tip in Give Me Gold.

    [Images: Morgan Taylor Lacquer]

  • The Zac Posen fashion show was over-the-top elegant, including ball gowns, classic red lipstick, winged eyeliner, and pinned back hair. Often, such a dramatic collection opts for toned-down nude nails, but this was far from the case. Manicurist Gina Edwards clashed the orangey-red lips with a navy manicure with purple undertones created using Morgan Taylor Lacquer Hide & Sleek.

    [Images: Morgan Taylor Lacquer]

  • The runway at Kenneth Cole was totally monochrome – just edgy black and white pinstripes, pleats, and layers that were geared for the “urban gypsy.” While we adore the simplicity of black and white, we were thrilled to see the main touch of color on stage was Morgan Taylor Lacquer From Paris With Love, a rich wine shade that manicurist Gina Edwards applied to nails.

    [Images: Morgan Taylor Lacquer]

  • Nails looked like they were ready to celebrate with the Olympic rings in Sochi at Cynthia Rowley’s Fall/Winter ’14 presentation. 80s inspired big hair, colorful accessories, and dark clothes paired well with the “Moonbow” manicure created by celebrity manicurist Elle. The nail artist used a whole range of vivid Dermelect ME hues to paint the spectrum of colors.

    [Images: Dermelect]

  • The sideways French made a noticeable appearance at New York Fashion Week, especially at Opening Ceremony (yes the designer, not the event in Sochi). The collection was actually inspired by Belgium’s folkore, so allowing a bit of natural nail to peek through made sense. Fingertips were first coated by Naomi Yasuda with Essie First Base Base Coat, then given different angled coats of either Aruba Blue, Go Overboard, or Master Plan, followed up with Good To Go Top Coat.

    [Images: Essie]

  • Girl power reigned at Katharine Polk’s HOUGHTON Fall/Winter ’14 show. Billowing fabrics often give a harmless, angelic, feel, and yet the wide shouldered designs gave an authoritative look. The colors were neutral: camel, black, and ivory, so nails followed suit. Tips were coated with a custom blend of OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! and Alpine Snow, which created a wet clay color that complemented every design.

    [Images: OPI]

  • The glittery nails at Libertine were what every girl’s dreams are made of. The wardrobes were glamorous, urban, and many pieces were embellished with diamond-like beads.

    Butter London Lead Manicurist Katie Jane Hughes applied Butter London Nail Lacquer in The Black Knight to the tips of the press on nails. She then applied Diamond Geezer at the base of the nail to meet up with the black at the tips. Hughes used Stardust and the new Anorak, a black, white and silver chunky glitter overcoat (available in March 2014) over the entire nail. While the nails were still wet, Hughes completed the look by applying holographic, diamond-shaped glitter to the tip of the nails.

    [Images: Butter London]

  • Though a streaker interrupted the Prabal Gurung show, the nails were all dressed up. Butter London Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes gave digits a tweed effect by giving short, deliberate polish strokes to nails. She began by using Butter London Nail Foundation as a base followed by a base color of Union Jack Black polish. Hughes a striping brush to apply horizontal and vertical stripes of Billy No Mates, Stag Do, Blagger, British Racing Green and Pearly Queen, and followed up with P.D. Quick Topcoat.

    [Images: Butter London]

  • We’ve seen the smoky eye – but what about the smoky nail? JINsoon designed a dark, alluring manicure for models at the Vera Wang Winter Fall/Winter ’14 show. The overall look was very romantic – sweaters, wispy, free-flowing hair, and soft makeup. The shimmery grey color used was JINsoon Mica, which was applied after JINsoon Power Coat, and finished with a sweep of Top Gloss.

    [Images: JINsoon]

  • Every gal needs her Louboutin’s – even if they’re just on her nails. At the Mathieu Mirano Fall/Winter ’14 event, the designer shoes and edgy leather styles paired perfectly with red and black Essie nails. Manicurist Miss Pop created the style using First Base Base Coat, Bordeaux for a stripe covering a quarter of the nail, and Licorice for the rest of the nail, finished with Good To Go Top Coat for shine. The peek of red was just like the heel!

    [Images: Essie]

  • The Paris, nomadic, and tribal inspired styles have all long been outdone – which is why the Assembly New York Fall/Winter collection really opened our eyes. The fashion took an Egyptian turn – though modern. The makeup and nails accentuated this concept most of all, from thick Cleopatra-esque eyeliner to the simple onyx-colored Swarovski crystals on lunulas. All nails were natural, save the thumb nail – which was polished using the satin-finish OPI 4 In The Morning. Though unusual, we’re excited to try this simple style ourselves, especially with that ring!

    [Images: OPI]

  • Key nail artist for Creatures of Comfort, Nichole Allegre, took a tip from Lorde’s black-dipped Grammy nails. Allegre shares, “We wanted the nails to be more extreme against the clothing, like they dipped their fingers in the polish.” And the look gives just that impression: fingertips were coated entirely with lacquer in either Lustgarten, Ripley, or Spanglemaker.

    The rest of makeup was very naturel, with lips that looked just bitten using OCC Vintage and Black Dahlia Lip Tar: Matte, soft brows created with Sybil and Pennyroyal Cosmetic Color Pencils for brows, and a clean face utilizing OCC: Tinted Moisturizer and OCC Skin: Conceal.

    [Images: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics]

  • Reem Acra’s Fall/Winter collection took concepts from Paris fashion – dark romantic dresses, long, pulled back hair, and artful hairpins. Models’ nails were given a milky glow with help from OPI Barre My Soul. The overall style was refined and sophisticated, like a modern European woman.

    [Images: OPI]

  • Dramatic eyes and dark red ombre lips were a hit at the Mark and Estel show during the Autumn/Winter show. To work alongside the powerful makeup and many different ensembles, manicurist Sunshine Outing applied the full coverage nude Zoya Chantal to nails. The color gave a smooth, finished appearance.

    [Images: Zoya]

  • To reflect the color of the fabrics at the Delpozo runway show during F/W 2014 New York Fashion Week, Pattie Yankee and her team came up with a chrome finish nail that acted as a mirror. Yankee used her own Patricia Nail Lacquer collection and press on nails to achieve the look, applied glue tabs to the backs of them, adhered them to the models’ fingertips, and filed them to a natural, round shape.

    [Images: Patricia Nail Lacquer, Ann Lawlor]

  • The look at Derek Lam's Fall/Winter presentation was sporty meets rustic - with boxy dresses and soft colors. To pair with the clean lines and hues of the collection, Jin Soon Choi manicured nails with a smooth, nude style that allowed the clothes to do the talking.

    To try it yourself:
    1. File and clean nails, removing all traces of polish.
    2. Apply JINsoon Power Coat base coat to prep the nails.
    3. To create warmth, apply one coat of JINsoon Nostalgia.
    4. Next, layer one coat of JINsoon Muse for a warm, soft look.
    5. Finish by applying a single coat of JINsoon Top Gloss.

    [Images: JINSoon]

  • OPI introduced a sleek, ultra-modern nail at Azede Jean-Pierre’s Fall/Winter 2014 NYFW presentation. The runway was full of textured knit fabrics in striking fall colors like iridescent burnt orange and sultry greys, so nails were given a chic style to match.

    Manicures were done using OPI’s dark grey Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!, which covered the whole nail save the lunula. Tips were painted silver DS Radiance. The final result is a ready-to-wear mani perfect for the on-trend working girl.

    [Images: OPI]

  • Furs, sunglasses, and quirky sweaters lined the stage at Fall/Winter 2014’s Band of Outsiders presentation at New York Fashion Week. The nail look was created by Deborah Lippmann, inspired by the black leather gloves with outlined nails that was part of the collection. Lippmann shared: “It was from this which I was able to transform the classic French manicure into something that was new and fresh, the Band O’ French.”

    Try it:

    1. Nails were prepped with Cuticle Remover, nourished with Cuticle Oil and cleansed with 2 Second Nail Primer.
    2. A single layer of Gel Lab Base Coat was applied to nails.
    3. After 60 seconds of drying time, two coats of Naked, clean bare beige lacquer was applied to nails (pictured).
    4. To create the Band O’ French with Amazing Grace, a pure white lacquer (pictured), Deborah held the nail brush parallel to the top tip of the nail rotating the finger from left to right, allowing the nail itself to move - not the brush.
    5. **Additional tips: For a more precise application, use a stripper brush or cut bristles on either side of the nail polish brush.
    6. Repeat previous step over the back of the nail near the cuticle. Line in the same way as the tip.
    7. To line the sides of the nail, start at the back and pull up to the front edge of the nail.
    8. Gel Lab Top Coat sealed nails to prevent chipping and add a high-shine, cushiony finish. A final massage of new The Cure and Rich Girl SPF 25 Hand Cream finished the nails.

    [Images: Deborah Lippmann]

  • Colors used (above): Man Of The Moment and Denim Du Jour

    Diego Binetti featured very earthy fabrics: Native American blanket coats, nature-inspired prints, and loose low-slung skinny pants that all had a relaxed, but fashionable feel. Nails were not forgotten, either. Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer lead stylist Danielle Candido created four unique looks that mimicked the colors and texture of fall leaves. The first two featured lighter colors for the base color of the nail, and a darker tone sponged around the outside edge. The latter two mix up and reverse a traditional ombre tip.

    Colors used: New School Nude and Espresso Yourself

    Colors used: Totally A-Tealing, Expresso Yourself and Little Black Dress

    Colors used: Man Of The Moment, Expresso Yourself and Little Black Dress

    [Images: Morgan Taylor Lacquer]

  • Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the New York stage for Georgine took us back in time with tailored leather, lace, and shape-hugging silhouettes that bring a fun, sexy feel to the dark clothes of fall. Manicurist Gina Edwards completed the look with the shimmering Morgan Taylor Seal The Deal.

    [Images: Morgan Taylor]

  • Yigal Azrouel did dark color blocking and woven leather on the catwalk with his Fall/Winter collection. Manicurist Gina Edwards added a sultry feminine feel to the overall look by painting nails with the deep red Morgan Taylor From Paris With Love.

    [Images: Morgan Taylor]

  • Inspired by strong female warriors, and infused with dark plum, olive, wine, and aqua, and black, the Nicole Miller presentation at Fashion Week required nails that packed the same punch. Butter London Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes created a fiery style by first applying Butter London Nail Foundation, then Union Jack Black, and Matte Finish Topcoat. She next used a thin striping brush to apply Butter London Knees Up, a metallic red, to create shiny flames coming up from the cuticle.

    [Images: Butter London]

  • If you are a foodie, Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter Lela Rose presentation was for you. The white, gold, and silver collection was inspired by Ferran Adrià, a Spanish Catalan chef who sketches his textured dishes before cooking them. Of course, these fabrics needed a simple, elegant, and unique look to match – which is where Butter London’s Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes came in. The nail stylist designed a sideways French with Butter London Patent Gel Top & Tails, followed by Nail Foundation, and a diagonal stripe of Alabaster Glaze (which premieres April 2014). She gave the tip an extra coat, and then topped it off with Patent Gel Top & Tails for shine.

    [Images: Butter London]

  • Charlotte Ronson’s Fall/Winter 2014 presentation at New York Fashion Week was inspired by baroque florals and poppies. To match the scalloped details in the fabrics, celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards from KISS Products, Inc. created a black scalloped pattern on nails. She began with easy to apply KISS Press-On Manicure in Superstar Scandal, filed the nails into an oval, buffed the nail near the cuticle, and used KISS Nail Artist Paint Gala to create half circles from the middle of the nail towards to cuticle. Once that had dried, she applied KISS Top Coat to seal it.

    [Images: KISS Products, Inc.]

  • Alexander Wang’s presentation was sporty and based on survival and extreme weather conditions. The nails, thus, required a practical color, so Michelle Saunders for Essie created a soft beige nail by layering a coat of Sand Tropez and Mademoiselle over Ridge Filling Base Coat, and topped off with Matte About You Top Coat.

    [Images: Essie]

  • Backstage at Jay Godfrey, Pattie Yankee added rock n’ roll to nails of models dressed in edgy rocker-inspired ensembles with carefree tousled hair. She first created basic black nails with her signature tips, Inspire Nails Clear Almond, topped with polish Patricia Nail Lacquer Void. For the 3-D pieces, Yankee used black lace was added over Void lacquer for texture. On other models, she used leather fringe from the collection to make a stripe down the center of nails. A third style was created by placing metallic purple striping tape in a “V” down nails.

    [Images: Ann Lawlor/The Woods & Co. PR]

  • We are so mad for this burgundy matte! The Fall/Winter 2014 Costello Tagliapietra show took inspiration from Sci-Fi and fantasy heroines, so nails required a strong but sultry look that encompassed the whole range of feminine power. Manicurist Julie Kandalec took the challenge, using Essie Berry Naughty and a top layer of Matte About You to paint no-shine oxblood digits.

    [Images: Essie]

  • The TOME Runway at Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week 2014 was an array of pale pink, tomato-ted silks and plum merino wool contrasted with tweeds in varying shades of gray. Fur, silver and gold lame, and dark lace added dramatic flourishes to the oversize structured coats and finely tailored asymmetrical lines of stylish dresses.

    Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer’s lead nail stylist Gina Edwards designed a modern, cropped nail with matte Morgan Taylor lacquers, custom blended to match each model’s skin tone. The neutral look was sophisticated and understated, yet very deliberate. The manicure contrasted incredibly well with the ruby reds and gray lavender of the season, while fitting right in alongside natural-looking beauty including dewey, colorless cheeks and eyelids with a sheer gloss on the lips. Hair was long yet beautifully and neatly swept back from the face; close at the sides with just enough volume at the roots to keep the look from becoming severe.

    [Image courtesy of Red PR]

  • If you were certain that Fashion Week only brought waves of unexciting nude nails, then fortunately you were mistaken. We were totally shocked when we saw this full nail art design on the hands of all the models at DEGEN, where bright knits and reflective fabrics reigned.

    The blue sky and clouds were painted using OPI Can’t Find My Czech-book (blue) and Alpine Snow (white), while the rainbow design utilized several of OPI’s latest and brightest colors, including Push and Shove (that’s the chrome background), Desperately Seeking Sequins, Red Hot Rio, Toucan Do It If You Try, I Just Can’t Cope-acabana, Amazon...Amazoff, Dating a Royal, and Next Stop…the Bikini Zone.

    [Images: OPI]

  • Forget the skirt; try these flirty schoolgirl nails. Inspired by mid-century charm school fashion and the legendary Barbizon Hotel that briefly housed both Joan Crawford and Grace Kelly, designer Erin Fetherston came up with elegant, feminine styles that took us back in time.

    To complement the dresses, manicurist Miss Pop created a blushing pink nail with some intricate details: “I refined the half moon – a nail art trend started by flappers, into a more delicate stroke,” says Miss Pop. “Then, I added a hand painted monogramed E [for Erin Fethertson] using KISS Nail Artist Paint, alternating between white and black.”

    To try the soft look yourself, KISS suggests painting their Nail Covers in Active Oval with two coats of Ruby Kisses light pink polish, allowing them to dry briefly, and then applying them to nails. Paint on the nail art with KISS Nail Artist Paint in either black or white.

    [Images: Kiss]

  • Water marbling isn’t just a technique you try at home! Lead Manicurist and Butter London Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes tried the technique with neutrals at the F/W 2014 Creatures of the Wind presentation at Fashion Week. Since the fabrics already had cosmic and psychedelic auras about them, and were presented down the runway in an evolution of colors – from dark to light – it seemed right to try a nail that mixed that all together.

    As water marble is a time consuming process (as many of you know firsthand), Hughes and her team came together the night before to create 675 of them by hand that they could quickly apply to models just before the event!

    To achieve the look, Hughes used Butter London colors Yummy Mummy, Diamond Geezer, Posh Bird, Pearly Queen, and Billy No Mates. She poured drops of each one after another into a bowl of water, creating rings of color. Once the color had been placed, she took an orange wood stick to swirl the colors together, creating a range of patterns. She then dipped the press on nail into the water, letting it sit under the water’s edge just below the pattern she wanted to lift onto the nail. And voilà, perfect swirls!

    [Images: Butter London]

  • Nail wraps are perfect for Fashion Week. When you have two hundred models’ nails to do – stat! - waiting for nails to dry can be nearly impossible, and they already have perfect printed patterns on them. That’s why Jamberry was the perfect company to pair up with designer Ann Yee, who presented a Fall/Winter collection full of slouchy sweaters, fur, and models with blueberry-colored lipstick.

    Yee designed the one-of-a-kind Jamberry Modern Chic wrap herself: a basic geometric grid that looks simple, but would be incredibly difficult to accomplish accurately freehand with polish. The edges and corners mimic the boxy style of the clothes, and are fun without taking over the whole look.

    [Images: Jamberry]

  • Butter London manicurist Katie Hughes also created the tips for designer Tadashi Shoji. The collection was inspired by the Moorish architecture and textiles of early Spain, so think rich jewel tones. For the fingers, Hughes tried a golden moon and French tip over a peachy base color, which sounds simple, but looks absolutely gorgeous up close! She started with Butter London Nail Foundation, did the gold details with Marbs, and finalized with P.D. Quick Topcoat.

    [Images: Butter London]

  • Lisa Perry’s Fall/Winter 2014 presentation was inspired by dramatic volume and shape. To complement the brightly colored garments and textured metallic fabrics featured throughout the collection, nail artist Casey Herman created a high-shine, silver nail look.

    To go with the saturated colored garments and textured metallic fabrics at Lisa Perry during Fall/Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week, manicurist Casey Herman gave the models nails that reflected the shine and rich shades of the collection. She started nails off with Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat, and then applied one coat of No Place Like Chrome. Instead of using a traditional top coat, Herman maintained the metallic texture by finishing with Quick-E Drying Drops.

    [Images: Essie]

  • These dark colors really pop! For New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014, designer Veronica Beard introduced a line of retro designs inspired by David Bowie and the glam rock movement. The catwalk was filled with fab colored prints, pointed toes, fur, and thick gold jewelry – like the arm cuff below we are totally coveting.

    The look required a nail that lived up to the fabric’s rich colors – and manicurist Julie Kandalec did not disappoint. After applying Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat to smooth out nails, the artist used a coat of Mink Muffs, followed by Meet Me At Sunset, letting each layer partially dry in between applications. She finished the manicure off with Good To Go Top Coat, and sent the models on their way! The result was a perfect burnt orange tip that complemented both the collection’s earth and jewel tones.

    [Images: Essie]

  • The Fall/Winter 2014 BCBGMAXAZRIA catwalk at New York Fashion Week had whites, greys, cloaks, furs, and warm pink matching lips and shadow -- sort of like bundled up Eskimos facing freezing air. To balance out the heavy, layered look, nails were stripped down to a nude look with OPI Passion.

    [Images: OPI]