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The Car Seat Key Will Save Your Long Nails

The Car Seat Key Will Save Your Long Nails


By Sigourney Nuñez

Long nails are a lifestyle but not always suitable for our day-to-day activities, re: opening cans, typing and even say, unlocking a seat belt? Enter the Car Seat Key, a tool designed to help you easily release the harness of a car seat.

the car seat key

Two months ago, sister and brother duo Kristin Riley and Mauro Riley launched the Car Seat Key. Kristin, a professional nail pro, says she created the tool after hearing about her clientele’s daily struggles.

the car seat key

To use, simply slide the Car Seat Key over the buckle and with slight pressure, it opens. No more hassle or damaged nails. This product can also help people with weak hands and those with arthritis and autoimmune disorders.

Check out this video to watch the Car Seat Key in action.

The Car Seat Key ($10.99) and is available in four colors.