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The Best Music Festival Nail Art

The Best Music Festival Nail Art


By Elma

After the first weekend of Coachella 2013, it is certain that the creativity and self-expression from the festival is not limited solely to the music. Nail bloggers, nail artists, and those simply enthused about nails flaunted their best designs for the event and have excitedly shared them with us. In fact, from detailed album covers to glow-in-the-dark polish, there is hardly any type of manicure we didn’t see. Click through to view this wide array of talent!


  • Have you been looking for more variety in nail wrap art? Scratch creates original nail wraps from artists' designs, so the choices are endless and always changing! The company's founder and marketing director both spent two days at Vestal Village in Coachella applying Scratch nail art to the digits of other creative-minded people. [Image: Scratch; Instagram: @goscratchit]

  • [Images: Angel Son; Instagram: @angelsonnn]

  • [Images: Angel Son; Instagram: @angelsonnn]

  • Jen Winston shared these nails done by Kleur. Each nail corresponds to a different band's artwork. Hand pictured on the right, thumb through pinky: Disclosure, Wild Nothing – Nocturnes, 2 Chainz – Based On a T.R.U. Story, Sigur Ros – (), Hot Chip – Made in the Dark. Hand on the left, thumb through pinky: Wu-Tang logo, The Xx – The Xx, Four Tet – There is Love in You, Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones, Beach House – Bloom. [Image: Jen Winston; Instagram: @jenerous]

  • Natasha created these purple to blue ombre nails with China Glaze nail polish using a makeup sponge and tape. [Image: Natasha Karam; Instagram @tk_lavsh]

  • These playful nails are perfect for summer nights! [Image: Jadyn Cortazar; Instagram @jadynmarie]

  • Nail blogger Tonya Rainey of, inspired by the culture of music festivals, designed this manicure with deadly talent. [Image: Tonya Rainey; Instagram: Rainey_Day_Nails]

  • The iridescence of these metallic feathery nails is the epitomy of spring and funky enough for a weekend-long concert! [Image: Caitlin Dudley; Instagram: @caitdud]

  • These peppy nails brighten up any day. Palm trees and smiling faces match Indio's atmosphere! [Image: Mafer; Instagram: @hellomaphie]

  • These chic nails were done by nail tech Mia Yang at Chi Nail Bar in Beverly Hills. [Image: Chi Nail Bar; Instagram: @chinailbar]

  • These nails were done by Lexi Kumasaka, also at Chi Nail Bar. The bright floral boho print complements the outdoor festival scene. [Image: Chi Nail Bar; Instagram: @chinailbar]

  • The attention to detail is incredible in these studded manis for Coachella created by Julie of Julie Parker Salon in Mesa, CA. [Image: Lyndrel Palm/Julie Parker; Instagram @juliejulie26]

  • [Image: Lyndrel Palm/Julie Parker; Instagram @juliejulie26]

  • These fab nails were painted for Coachella by Hey, Nice Nails in Long Beach. The salon's professional nail artists, Donne and Ginny Geer, also have complete how-to guide of nail designs, called Nail Candy. The book is available June 4th, but you can preorder your copy today!

  • [Image: Hey, Nice Nails/Donne and Ginny Geer]