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Bring Out Your Wild Side With Surya Brasil’s Exotic Animals Collection

Bring Out Your Wild Side With Surya Brasil’s Exotic Animals Collection


By Dale Arden Chong

When it comes to beauty, there’s really no reason not to dip a little into your wild side, and you can do exactly that with Surya Brasil’s Exotic Animals Nail Polish collection. The all-natural, vegan and organic beauty company has released this polish collection in 16 beautiful shades, each dedicated to a specific animal from around the world.

Clelia Angelon and her daughter Wanda Malhotra founded Surya Brasil with the idea of sustainably creating the healthiest natural, organic and vegan products possible in mind. In addition to creating natural and healthy products, they also wanted to create a brand that gives back to society and the environment.

The Surya Brasil team talked with us about the Exotic Animals collection, how to promote nail care and their favorite colors from the release.

Exoctic Nails

What inspired you to create the nail polish collection?

Very rich in diversity, the Brazilian tropical fauna was the inspiration for the Exotic Animals line. With this inspiration, we created 16 colors: Chameleon, Peacock, Angelfish, Hummingbird, Red-and-Green Macaw, Ecletus Parrot, Orangutan, Wolf, White Tiger, Jabiru, Gold Faced Lion Tamarin, Coral Snake, Pampas Cat, Anteater, Amazon River Dolphin and Flamingo.

What’s the story behind the Exotic Animals collection?

The main goal was to honor the animals, because it is part of the Surya Brasil philosophy to promote a lifestyle that bans all forms of animal exploitation. The visual identity of the line, which is the red macaw, was created by Surya Brasil’s art director, Allan Lorencetti. This tropical animal was chosen for its beauty, imposing form and variety of color. The main idea was to pay homage to endangered species as well as little-known wild animals.

Exotic Animals banner

Do you have any favorite colors from the collection?

The Dark Blue Angelfish is unanimity among the team. The two reds, pink and orange are our other favorites, they are classy and go with everything. But one color that surprises everyone is the blue-green Hummingbird. That shade has the incredible ability of looking great on all skin tones, and its delicate shimmer makes it elegant and discreet without being dull.

What are the best colors or color combinations for this holiday season?

If you want to be “traditional” you can use the Red-and-Green Macaw with White Tiger or Jabiru, for red and white combinations. If you are feeling adventurous, you can add the Chameleon’s metallic green to the combination above for some edgy nail art.

[Images: Courtesy of Surya Brasil]