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Summer’s Top 5 Nail Colors and Designs

Summer’s Top 5 Nail Colors and Designs


By semick

Twila True is a female entrepreneur in real estate, and her career has allowed her to travel the world and see beauty and luxury in all different forms. She’s now poured the best of the best into creating a new ultra-luxurious nail salon, Polished Perfect℠ by Twila True. As the inaugural Costa Mesa location will open its doors soon, we thought we’d ask what colors and designs will be on-trend for this summer:

Neon_nails1. Neon
A bright manicure is essential for summer. Bright yellows, pinks and oranges are this season’s hottest colors. Bonus, this color also makes your skin appear tanner! Who doesn’t want that fresh sun-kissed glow?


Hot Summer Designs2. Hot, Summer Designs
Add some flare to your nails with a fun summer design. This palm tree creation captures the beachy feel of summer, and is perfect while daydreaming of a tropical paradise.

watermelon_nailsWatermelon nails are fun and creative for summer. Use a pop of pink for this standout manicure, inspired by the favorite refreshing fruit of summer.

Corals3. Corals

Get inspired with a shade of coral! This color is great for pairing with an all-white outfit, or your flirty summer dress. It stands out on most skin tones and compliments that “just got back from Cabo” tan.

Bright Whites4. Bright Whites

A simple, clean white manicure is an essential look for summer. This pairs perfectly with your everyday look.


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Images: Polished Perfect by Twila True