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Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Summer Beauty Must-Haves


By semick

Look your best and brightest sitting by the pool! Summer calls for vibrant colors, cropped tees, and eye-catching accessories. Find all of them right here – let us know which ones you have your eyes on in the comments below!

  • Incoco Top It Off

    These appliques are made of real polish, meaning they dissolve and come off with regular nail polish remover rather than peeling off. They also don’t require any dry time – so you don’t have to wait around or waste a single minute of the summer! Try their new marbled collection or get a faux stamping effect by laying their transparent wraps over a base color.

  • Blaine Bowen
    Inspired by the designer's roots in Cat Island and her love for traveling, these graphic cropped tees are bedecked with laid-back pineapples and carefree palm trees.

  • Goddess Glitz
    These metallic temporary tattoos come in large sheets with lots of designs in a range of sizes. Each sheet comes with a few finger-length designs you can sport alongside your summer manicure!

  • Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist
    Prevent the sweltering sun from ruining your makeup! Apply the mist before makeup application to extend wear, afterwards to set product and add a soft finish, or anytime during the day to give your foundation a refresher!

  • KISS
    The right tools make the artist! Build up your basics with the Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Pro Tool Kit, which contains nail art glue (essential for securing rhinestones), cuticle pusher and scraper, tiny scissors, tweezers, mixing jars with charms and glitters, two nail wheels for practicing your designs, and our favorite part – a nail holder station.

  • Violife Slim Uno
    With pools, ocean swims, and outdoor adventures taking a toll on your manicure more than any other time of year, be sure to have this sleek manicure kit in your purse. It’s essentially an electric toothbrush with nail tools on the end, including a cuticle pusher, shaping file, emery board and buffer board.

  • BitterSweet
    Both pretty and functional, these bracelets double as a tool to hold hair ties in place. No more cut off circulation in your wrists! Available in silver, gold, and rose gold.

  • Essie Summer
    Essie has six playful colors in their Summer 2015 collection from a sparkling white to a deep sea blue. When you’re in the mood for an adrenaline rush, switch to the Neon 2015 shades, which include an electric teal and molten magenta.

  • Mischo Beauty
    You deserve a little extra love! Gift yourself the Mischo Beauty Summer of Love trio, which includes three rosy lacquers: XO (toasted peach), Babylove (delicate orchid) and Love On Top (fuchsia a-la-mode).

    Images: from respective manufacturers