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5 Benefits of Stretching Therapy with REME App

5 Benefits of Stretching Therapy with REME App


By Sigourney Nuñez

Adulting is hard but a little self-care goes a long way. That’s where the REME app comes in. The wellness on-demand app provides access to custom massage and stretch therapy which can improve your overall health through your physical and mental state.

Here are five key benefit to stretching:

1. Reduced muscle soreness and tension

2. Increased range of motion in the joints

3. Enhanced muscular coordination

4. Increased circulation of the blood to various pats of the body

5, Increased energy levels and circulation

REME makes getting a massage affordable (starting at $65 for 45 minutes), convenient (where and when you want), and we treat each person separately with a personalized session, as no two bodies are alike. REME’s fleet of experts go through a rigorous vetting process. REME i s committed to both the safety of you, the client and the expert. All of REME’s experts are massage therapists that are certified by the CAMTC (California Massage Therapy Council). The CAMTC only certifies therapist after they have met the following requirements; attended a CAMTC approved school, have had at least 500 minimum hours of training, and have passed a criminal background check. In addition to hiring only CAMTC certified massage therapist, REME mandates that each candidate has an in person interview and they must carry both general and professional liability insurance.

So say goodbye to tension and hello to an easier, and better and more flexible days. For more information about the app, log onto

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[Image courtesy of REME app]