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You’ll Love The Reusuable Manicures From Static Nails

You’ll Love The Reusuable Manicures From Static Nails


By Dale Arden Chong

If you’ve ever had the perfect manicure or the most adorable nail art, it’s a little hard to say goodbye when life puts its own wears on your nails. When Static Nails appeared on the scene, they became a game changer. Now, they’re launching multiple new collections; could it get any better?

Static Nails, the first reusable manicure brand, has created an at-home nail option that is reusable, paintable and includes 3-D objects, complex prints and special effects like chrome, holo, and mirrored polish. The reusable manicure brand will be launching in Urban Outfitter’s beginning this month, and are working to expand into four more countries.

Quality nails at an affordable price that are also reusable? Count me in.

Static Nails Shaded & Faded ($16)

Static Nails Hard As Stone II ($16)

Static Nails Shattered Deeds Black ($16)

Static Nails Holographic Spill ($16)

Static Nails Rose Gold Edit ($16)

Static Nails Bitten ($16)

Static Nails Sinners Dust ($16)

What do you think of these reusable nails? Let us know in the comments below!

[Images: Static Nails]