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The Only St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Tutorials You Need

The Only St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Tutorials You Need


By Dale Arden Chong

When it comes to nails, we never shy away from any opportunities or occasions to pull out some major nail art, and now that St. Patrick’s Day is on Friday, what better time to really get yourself into some gorgeous green nails?

Whether you’re doing some simple clovers or shamrocks, or going all out with greenery and gold shimmers, there’s a nail art look for any level to help you celebrate the Irish holiday.

Not sure where to start? Let Elizabeth of @polished_kiwi on Instagram to help you find a starting point. From green and gold swirls to rainbow glitter, these fresh takes on St. Patrick’s Day nails will inspire you for the festive weekend to come.

Luck of the Irish Swirls

st. patricks day polished kiwi

  1. A good base coat will help prevent staining of the natural nail. Apply a protective base coat then paint your nails a deep emerald green. Elizabeth used Ulta in Envy.
  2. Fill a small cup 2/3 full with tepid water. Add drops of gold-colored polishes alternating with gold glitter polish to the surface of the water. Elizabeth used Essie in Penny Talk, Milani in Good Morning Sunshine, and Spoiled in Champagne Siren. At this point, it should look like you are preparing to create a traditional water marble design.
  3. Using a water marbling tool or a safety pin, swirl the rings of polish and break up the colors in a random design. Dip your nails into the cup then seal in your work with a glossy top coat.

Glittering Path To Gold

st patricks day polished kiwi

  1. Apply a peel away base coat then paint a layer of silver glitter polish on your nails. For your pinkie nail, use gold glitter. Elizabeth used My Kinda Color in Disco Ball and My Kinda Color in Million Dollar Mani.
  2. Dampen a cosmetic wedge sponge and then paint the glitter polish on the sponge. Sponge the glitter onto the nail in order to achieve a high concentration of glitter. The sponge will soak up some of the clear polish base. When you are satisfied with your glitter, seal it in with a glossy top coat.
  3. Using highlighters, color the surface with a rainbow pattern. Elizabeth used Sharpie liquid highlighters. Dip a small nail art brush in water and carefully blot the highlighter marks in order to blend the colors together. Seal it in with a holo top coat.

Ombré Clovers

st patricks day polished kiwi

  1. Apply a protective base coat then paint your nails light green. Elizabeth used OPI in That’s Hula-rious. Seal it in with top coat.
  2. Dampen a cosmetic wedge sponge and then paint three stripes on it: green, light green and white. Elizabeth used Inspurrrations in Psalm 90:17, OPI in That’s Hula-rious and Sally Hansen in White On. Dab this sponge on your nails in order to achieve a gradient effect.
  3. Using a nail art mat as your workspace, create a shamrock decal. Place three pairs of two green dots on the mat with a dotting tool. Connect these dots with V-shapes in order to form the leaves of the shamrock. Imagine that you are joining together three hearts. Complete the shamrock with a curved line for the stem.
  4. Apply a matte top coat to seal in your gradient design on your nails. While the matte top coat is still tacky, gently lift your shamrock decal from the nail art mat. Place the decal on your nail and carefully press it down. Seal the look with top coat.

How will you let these inspire your St. Patrick’s Day nails? Let us know in the comments below!

[Images: Courtesy of @polished_kiwi]