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At-Home Pampering With Spongelle’s Pedi Buffer

At-Home Pampering With Spongelle’s Pedi Buffer


By Anahit Topchyan

Ever come home from a long day of work and all you can think of is I need some me time? Yet, there’s no time for an all-day of pampering? Now Spongelle can provide an inexpensive solution with their Pedi Buffer. Spongelle’s Pedi Buffer is just under $20 with two custom fragrances to enjoy from.

Spongelle Pedi Buffers

Spongelle Pedi Buffers

The fragrances of Mandarin Mint and Beach Grass will moisturize and create rich experience for your feet with up to 30 uses. The perfect pedi buffers to rival an expensive trip to the spa. Spongelle blends botanical extracts and an exfoliating buffer to cleanse and soften your feet. Spongelle’s Pedi Buffer massages away the stress of the days activities and soothes aches and pains. As a bonus the pedi buffer’s unique textured side massages away dry skin and calluses leaving soft and silky feet.

[Photo Credit: Spongelle]

What do you think of Spongelle’s Pedi Buffer? Are you itching to get one?