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How to Submit Your Nails to Nail It! Magazine

How to Submit Your Nails to Nail It! Magazine


By semick

Each issue, we collect nail art in specific themes to feature in our print magazine in our Snapshot column. Next issue, it could be yours!


Please follow these instructions to submit your looks:
1. Send your nail look WITH and WITHOUT your watermark; images must be high-res.
2. Email them to
3. Include your full name, city and state and/or country as well as Instagram and Twitter handles.  Yes, we accept international submissions!
4. Deadline for submissions is JULY 24, 2016.
5. Send the name of the polishes and tools you used, and a brief how-to.
6. You can submit as many looks as you like, but remember that the images must be high-res, both WITH and WITHOUT watermarks.


Themes we’re looking for for the November/December 2016 issue:

+ Pearls
+ Chrome/Mirror
+ Embossed
+ Navy Blue
+ Sage Green


Note: certain themes are not guaranteed to be included in the issue of the magazine listed. Due to space, we sometimes save themes for later issues, or have to cut them altogether (but when this happens, your watermarked version still may end up online!).


Holo image credit (header): The Lacquerologist