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Get The Nail Polish From Era Istrefi’s ‘Redrum’ Music Video

Get The Nail Polish From Era Istrefi’s ‘Redrum’ Music Video


By Dale Arden Chong

When a pop star’s nails are one of the main attractions in a music video, we definitely take notice, which is why the European singer and songwriter Era Istrefi’s “Redrum” stood out to us.

Istrefi’s music video features, fittingly, the color red. All red, everything, and there are some pretty amazing shots of the nails that really pop against the white backdrop. “Redrum” features SinfulColor’s Devil’s Stare, Bitten, Energetic Red, Gogo Girl and Sugar Sugar, using over 4,000 bottle of these polishes on the set.

 Watch the full video below:

 You might not need so many bottles to perfect your “Redrum” look, but you can definitely get this look at home using the shades listed below. 

Bitten 2193 Bottle


Devils Stare

Devil’s Stare

Energetic Red

Energetic Red

Go Go Girl

Go Go Girl

Sugar Sugar 839 Bottle

Sugar Sugar

 Keep an eye out for the Era-inspired Redrum from SinfulColors, too!

 What do you think of all these colors making the music video debut? Let us know in the comments below!

[Images: Courtesy of SinfulColors]