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SHELF App Helps You Find The Best Polish

SHELF App Helps You Find The Best Polish


By Dale Arden Chong

Let’s be frank, while we love trying out the latest brands and color collections, finding the perfect shade and polish can be a task. Whether it’s the consistency of the polish itself or how the color comes out once it’s dried, going through the motions of testing out colors we’re so eager to see on our nails can be exhausting. 

Enter SHELF, the smartphone app that lets you find the perfect polish through a variety of reviews from other mani mavens just like you. With thousands of users, you’ll be able to track, share and save your favorite colors and brands while also having access to the chemical information behind each bottle.

All you have to do is upload a photo of your nails, choose the brand of the polish you used and share your thoughts on the product with a bit of insight! Not only will you be helping others discover new polishes, but you’ll also be keeping a record of your favorites.

We had the chance to talk with the SHELF team to learn more about the app.


What is SHELF, and how does it work?

SHELF is a mobile app that enables users to track, share, and save their favorite nail polish colors while accessing health ratings for each product and brand. Essentially, it is a digital archive that allows nail polish fanatics to remember their favorite colors, discover new brands and products, and purchase polish right from the app.


How did the idea behind SHELF come about?

I wanted an easy way to remember the nail polish colors I had used, and was tired of taking pictures of the bottle or writing down the names, and so SHELF was born.

How can someone use it to benefit from others’ experiences, reviews and more?

With SHELF, users are able to read the ratings and reviews of others’ experiences and learn how many coats a particular user applied, where they got their nails done, how the color looks out of the bottle and more!


 Is SHELF organized by polish, trend, color, or in any other way?

SHELF is organized by user, polish and color. Users can easily search for their friends, favorite brands or by color. Users are also able to search via hashtags to get inspiration.


What are some major trends that are becoming popular on the app right now?

Right now, blue seems to be one of the trending colors that a ton of users are wearing, which we normally see during the summer months. We are also seeing a lot of holiday-inspired nails! 

What do you think of SHELF? Will you try it out yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

[Images: Courtesy of SHELF Cosmetics]