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Sheer Lust Will Electrify You

Sheer Lust Will Electrify You


By Dale Arden Chong

Maybe it’s obvious, but there’s a major overlap where beauty and fashion meet. Just look at the New York Fashion Week runways, and you’ll see some of the best nails to complement an outfit. Why not make a polish inspired by the trends we see in fashion? Indie brand Sheer Lust decided to do exactly that.

Created by fashion enthusiast and nail polish fanatic Celine Obone, Sheer Lust is a Los Angeles-based nail lacquer company that radiates femininity and health. After spending years between two major fashion capitals, Paris and Los Angeles, Obone wanted to combine her two passions. As a result, Sheer Lust was born with an aesthetic that combines the LA attitude with timeless Parisian style.

“We integrate luxury, fashion, sex appeal and health into our brand through the selection of colors, names and collection concepts,” Obone said. 

This Spring and Summer, Sheer Lust goes “Electro-Chic,” a collection inspired by the technological age. This collection combines futuristic style with a little bit of ‘70s flare. Each of these polishes has a touch of metallic shimmer so it catches just enough light.

Included in the Electro-Chic collection:

Summer Star

Luminous Muse

Belle Bionic

Electric Aquamarine

Magnetic Flower

Metallic Marmalade

What do you think of these metallic brights? Let us know in the comments below, and then shop the rest of Sheer Lust’s colors now!

[Images: Sheer Lust]