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Salon Spotlight: Paint Shop Beverly Hills

Salon Spotlight: Paint Shop Beverly Hills


By semick

Paint Shop Beverly Hills is a polish aficionado’s paradise. Located inside Salon Republic in Beverly Hills, California, this private nail studio combines the familiarity of “Cheers”—the place where everyone knows your name—with the hottest playlists from your favorite after-hours spot. Owner Julie Serquinia, who calls herself “The OGG” (The Original Girly Girl), opened the salon 16 years ago and has prided herself on creating an atmosphere that blends her love of beauty and fashion with her passion for music. From the Rita & Rocks pedicure to the Hot Buttered Thumb manicure, the studio jazzes up salon favorites with luxury products and playful themes. Specialty services like the House Mix Manicure and Pedicure have even attracted a bevy of high-profile clients, including actress Cameron Diaz, singer Mary J. Blige and famed athlete Earvin “Magic” Johnson. “At Paint Shop Beverly Hills, we strive to provide the ultimate experience in natural and gel nail care,” says Serquinia. “We take great pride in our uptown-meets-downtown vibe and hope that our diverse staff and unbeatable soundtrack (that plays everything from Jay Z to Jerry Lee Lewis) will help clients feel welcome the moment they step through the door.”


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