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Recreate the Celebrity Makeup Trend: Emerald Eyes

Recreate the Celebrity Makeup Trend: Emerald Eyes


By Andrew Smith

Emerald is 2013’s must-have color, and celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj show us how to wear green eyeshadow! But how do you pull it off without looking with the Wicked Witch of the West? BeautyADDICTS makeup artist Jenine Pizza tells us how to recreate these trendy eyes at home with the company’s new line of shadows called Play.


1.) Layer your lid with beautyADDICTS Emerald City, a beautiful emerald green. This color sets the stage for a dramatic eye.

2.) For dimension, blend Crème de Mint into your crease. This aqua hue with warm undertones brings the whole style together.

3.) Make your eyes pop by applying Eye Candy in the inside corner of each eye. Sweep a bit under each brow to add brightness to your look.

4.) Coat lashes with beautyADDICTS ShowOFF mascara. The unique curved brush hugs the shape of the eye and curls your lashes for you.  

You’ve now got a fab new look that will bring a burst of color to your day!


[Product Image courtesy of beautyAddicts; Nicki Minaj image by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Image]