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Quiz: Which Summer Polish is Perfect for You?

Quiz: Which Summer Polish is Perfect for You?


By Elma

Wonder what shade you should sample for your next summer pedicure? Answer these seven questions, keep track of your responses, and find out which polishes best suit you.

1.) Describe your flip flop collection.

A.) Flip flops? I prefer to go barefoot.
B.) I have a different color pair for every outfit!
C.) Several pairs of my sandals have flowers on them.
D.) I have one or two pairs in either black or brown.

2.) What is your favorite part about summer?

A.) The feel of swimming in cool water.
B.) The warmth of the sun.
C.) Sundresses.
D.) Reading a book on the sand

3.) Which summertime snack is your favorite?

A.) Lemonade.
B.) BBQ.
C.) Watermelon.
D.) A light garden salad.

4.) How long does it take you to get dressed and ready for a summer day trip to the beach or the lake?

A.) A few minutes, but I like to spend some time packing a light lunch.
B.) Several hours. I must be gorgeous at any given moment.
C.) About an hour, followed by a very thorough application of sunscreen before leaving.
D.) A few minutes, followed by waiting for everyone else to get ready.

5.) Which beach creature are you most drawn to?

A.) Dolphins.
B.) The people tanning on the sand.
C.) Starfish.
D.) The colorful fish nipping at my toes.

6.) Which of these activities would you be most interested in?

A.) Kayaking. You can’t separate me from the water!
B.) Karaoke night.
C.) Collecting seashells to make earrings.
D.) Hiking. I love nature!

7.) What type of music do you prefer?

A.) Rock n’ Roll!
B.) R&B, Soul, Jazz.
C.) Pop, Alternative Rock.
D.) Indie, Folk, or Classical.


  • True Blue

    If you picked Mostly A's, you are True Blue. You are relaxed and prefer to go with the flow, so a mellow blue is ideal for you! In the heat of the summer, cool down with shades such as Sally Hansen Water ColorPriti Baby Blue Eyes, and Zoya Rocky.

    [Images: Sally Hansen, Priti, Zoya]

  • Bright and Bold

    If you picked mostly B's, you are Bright and Bold. In your free time, you can be found basking in the sun (even if it's just at the mall) and going out at night. You are energetic and outgoing, and the lacquers Orly Mayhem MentalityZoya Kerry, and Sally Hansen Fired Up best match your personality.

    [Images: Orly, Zoya, Sally Hansen]

  • Feminine and Fun

    If you picked mostly C's, you are Feminine and Fun. You believe life is a beautiful place, and like to take it one moment at a time. With the wind whispering through your hair and the water lapping at your toes, be sure to paint your toes with a girly shade like Ciaté Spinning TeacupPixi Fluoro Flamingo, and Nails Inc. Kensington Palace Gardens.

    [Images: Ciaté, Pixi, Nails Inc.]

  • Free Spirit

    If you picked mostly D's, you are a Free Spirit. You love being outdoors and getting back to the basics. You are too busy to be troubled changing your nail polish to complement every outfit, so a lovely neutral is more your style. Try Morgan Taylor All White Now,Ciaté Doll's House, and Cult Nails Let's Get Dirty.

    [Images: Morgan Taylor Lacquer, Ciaté, Cult Nails]