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Question: Why Is My Shellac Peeling?

Question: Why Is My Shellac Peeling?


By semick

Q: “I have Shellac, and it does NOT stick to my nails! After I do my nails with Shellac, it comes off like the next morning! My nails are kind of oily, but is there a way to keep it from peeling?”

– Zoe D.


A: “Hi Zoe! It’s very important with any coating to thoroughly prepare the natural nail for superior adhesion. Before applying CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color, perform a dry manicure and remove all cuticle from the nail plate. Thoroughly cleanse and dehydrate the nail using a nail cleanser like CND® ScrubFresh®, which eliminates excess oils and creates the perfect canvas for a long-lasting manicure. Always apply thin layers for best adhesion and lightly seal the extension edge for optimal wear! Xo – Jan

 – Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND


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Image: CND Shellac Flora & Fauna collection; courtesy of CND