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Q&A With Nail’d It Winner Ashley Craig!

Q&A With Nail’d It Winner Ashley Craig!


By semick

Congrats to Ashley Craig – the grand prize winner of the first season of Nail’d It. Not only will she be bringing home the $100,000, she’ll also be doing the cover nails for an upcoming issue of Nail It! So if you haven’t subscribed yet, do so now to get your hands on this artist’s incredible work.

We talked a little to Ashley after her win to find out how she felt about the win!

Nail It (NI): Were you nervous during the finale? Did you feel confident you were going to win?
Ashley Craig (AC): I wasn’t nervous until we were standing on stage and being judged. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I wasn’t confident that I was going to win. I knew Lauren was a favorite so that stayed in the back of my mind. The only piece I was completely happy with was my fantasy piece.
NI: Did you have to keep your winning secret from everyone until the episode aired? Were friends and family trying to pry it out of you?
AC: I did have to keep it a secret. Believe me, I was DYING to tell someone, but I just couldn’t risk it. My clients and friends were relentless about wanting to know.

NI: What design do you have planned for Nail It! magazine’s cover?
AC: I’m working on it now – it is going to be something really special created just for Nail It! magazine readers.

NI: What do you want people who aren’t techs to know about nails?
AC: Nails are a wearable work of art! Just like a fashion accessory.

Images: Oxygen Media/Lindsey Byrnes