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Pros Share How To Wear One of Summer’s Freshest Nail Polish Shades: Cobalt

Pros Share How To Wear One of Summer’s Freshest Nail Polish Shades: Cobalt


By niwp_admin

When the summer season hits, a natural gravitation toward everything light and bright seems to take over. But what if you’re boring of the latest neutral tan or tiring of the expected neon when it comes to nail tips? Welcome bold cobalt, a strong contender for nail polish color of the summer.

Bold cobalt satisfied two worlds: fun and sophisticated. Vivid yet rich, it can look both sharp and theatrical—and let’s not forget, it pairs beautifully with a tan (faux or real). Wear it on nail or toes, and follow these fabulous tips from our pros!


Gina Viviano Bold Cobalt

The Pro: Gina Viviano

Why Cobalt Now? “It’s a dark, neutral stand-out color that will coordinate with any sandal color. It also wears well with gold or silver jewelry.”

Pair Cobalt With: “Rich, deeper blues or a fire-y orange color, such as Holiday by Chanel. Also, a soft opaque pink color with a blue-base tone works beautifully. I like Lilac and May both by Chanel. All of these colors balance and off-set one another.”

How To Incorporate Cobalt into Nail Art: “Showcase bold cobalt against a white background in a cool design or add a simple foil tape in gold or silver running vertically down the nail.”


Rachel Shim Bold Cobalt

The Pro: Rachel Shim

Why Cobalt Now? “It’s the perfect complement to this season’s fashions!

Pair Cobalt With: “I love bright colors like neon yellow (Color Club in Sunrise Canyon) and fluorescent pink (Jessie’s Girl in Beach Baby). Or, pair bold cobalt with softer pastel colors like baby blue (Zoya in Blu) or toned-down yellow (Lakur by Londontown in Notting The Fancy). The brighter colors really make a statement, while the softer pastel hues are more whimsical, girlie, fun and flirty.”

How To Incorporate Cobalt into Nail Art: “If you’re using brighter colors, alternate each finger with cobalt blue and your chosen bright hue, or polish cobalt on eight nails and polish half and half with the polishes on the other two nails, and then top that design with jewels. For softer pastels, I love a French or reverse French, or even a polka-dot pattern!”


Fleury Rose Bold Cobalt

The Pro: Fleury Rose

Why Cobalt Now? “Cobalt is a great summer color because it plays up the ’90s trend we’re seeing, and looks great poolside.”

Pair Cobalt With: “I like to pair cobalt blue with black and yellow-gold. It looks very dramatic, and a little art deco too.”

How To Incorporate Cobalt into Nail Art: “For a cool nail art look, create a graphic geometric design and embellish with gold studs to add texture.”


Jolene Brodeur Bold Cobalt

The Pro: Jolene Brodeur

Why Cobalt Now?  “Bright colors of all types are very hot this summer. Brilliant blue, electric orange, sizzling yellows and vibrant greens. But my very favorite are the blues.”

Pair Cobalt With: “A bright yellow for dazzling contrast and a really festive look. This look is bold and says, ‘I am ready to celebrate the season.’ Bold and beautiful pairings are the perfect accessory for summer.” —Karie L. Frost