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Pop She Goes Nail Art

Pop She Goes Nail Art


By niwp_admin

These nails put the pop in pop art! If you’re a fan of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, then these nail designs are for you! Nail artist Vanessa Huynh shares how she created this bold nail art for the “Pop She Goes” shoot, captured by photographer Tyna Vargas!

Nail stylist Vanessa Huynh explains how to recreate this nail look:

To create the look for “Pop She Goes,” I googled “pop art nails” for inspiration. The concept was fairly simple: bold colors, zig-zag captions, and diagonal polka-dots. I felt that it was missing the main factor – the “pop” in “pop art.”

The main thing that I needed to create this look was a spring. I couldn’t find them anywhere, until my friend heard about my dilemma. He opened up a retractable ink pen and handed me a spring. It was the best feeling ever because I had searched so hard for it. I needed more than one so my plan was to buy a box of pens and some trading card hard covers to create the signs. Once again, I was not able to find what I was looking for. No trading card covers could be found. I was getting nervous because the shoot was a day away. And then I realized that the box that the pens came in was plastic.

If one were to recreate this look, all they would really need to buy is a box of pens. To create the “Pow” caption, I first drew the outline of the shape on a piece of cardboard. Then I cut the plastic from the box of pens and layed it over my stencil. I took a black Nail Art design brush and traced the outline. Then, I colored in the caption, wrote the words in, and cut away the excess plastic. I attached the spring to the back with nail glue. Once I created four different captions, I started designing the rest of the nails with traditional pop art designs. I pulled the spring apart before attaching it to the nail to give it that wacky fun feel, and “Pop She Goes.”



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Photographer: Tyna Vargas
Nails: Vanessa Huynh
Hair: Nyema Bennett
Makeup: Mara Maraz
Wardrobe: Erica Dias
Model: Angela Longton