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Polished Man: Challenge Accepted

Polished Man: Challenge Accepted


By semick

A hard fact to swallow: 1 in 5 children are sexually assaulted before the age of 18, and usually by a man. While most men don’t commit these acts, JINsoon and Polished Man have partnered up in a 2015 campaign by YGAP to raise global awareness. Polished Man is asking men during the 1st-15th of October to paint one fingernail representing the 1 in 5 children victimized.

YGAP’S CEO and Co-founder Elliot Costello is the visionary behind this project. His mission is to live in a world free from sexual violence and extreme poverty. Costello says, “YGAP believes that men all over the world have a leading role to play in ensuring children feel safe and reach their full potential”.

Now on its second year, the fundraising campaign came to life shortly after Costello toured YGAP’s project partner, Hagar International, in Cambodia. During his visit, he came across a young girl, Thea. Although there was a language barrier between them, Costello and Thea spent the day playing games. Towards the end of their visit, Thea painted Costello’s nails blue.

After spending the day together, Costello learned of Thea’s story and how she ended up at Hagar International. After her father, and sole provider, passed away, Thea was placed in an orphanage where she was sexually abused on a regular basis for two years by the orphanage’s director.

At first, Costello was uncomfortable wearing the nail polish, however, after hearing Thea’s story, he channeled those feelings into providing an opportunity to raise awareness on sexual violence, and Polished Man was born. Mr. Costello reports, “The Polished Man campaign which launched in 2014, reached an audience of 58 million people creating awareness around the severity of the problem and inviting people to stop violence by taking part in the campaign”

Some of Australia’s top sportsmen, actors, musicians, TV personalities and public figures are coming together to show support for Polished Man in October by painting their nails and fundraising for the cause.

We are encouraging all men to become a Polished Man during October by painting one nail or donating at

Upload your nail pictures online using the campaign hashtags– #IPreferaPolishedMan or #PolishedMan.

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–Issa Lutfi

[Images: Polished Man YGAP]