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Pattie Yankee’s Green Dragon Polishes

Pattie Yankee’s Green Dragon Polishes


By semick

Celebrity nail artist Pattie Yankee’s latest polish collection, Dragon, takes inspiration from model and singer Devon Diep’s new song, “Green Dragon.” Diep, who had been a hand model for a beauty shoot, met Yankee on set several years ago and the two instantly became friends. Says Yankee, “As [Diep] started performing in NYC and making videos for her songs, I would make her press-on nails for her events and projects. Devon is of Vietnamese decent and has a pretty awesome story about her immigration to the U.S. She always would say to herself as a little girl that she wanted to be in movies, and loved Martin Scorsese and Andrew Lau.” So when Diep’s friend got a role in Scorsese and Lau’s new film, Revenge of the Green Dragons, Diep wrote and submitted her song to be included in the soundtrack – and it was accepted!

The Dragon polish collection from Patricia Nail Lacquer includes a glowing green, midnight black, and a topper filled with gold flakes and brightly colored glitter. Yankee shares, “Devon actually helped me choose colors that represented the movie and the lyrics of her song to put in the collection. We hope to do several more together!” The collection is available from Ricky’s NYC.

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Images: Ricky’s NYC