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These Are The Nail Art Trends L.A. Girls Are Wearing

These Are The Nail Art Trends L.A. Girls Are Wearing


By Dale Arden Chong

Could there be anything more relaxing and luxurious than getting your nails done or more exciting than getting stellar nail art? We think not, and neither does Southern California’s Olive & June. An inviting salon right off the bat, Olive & June currently has three locations in Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Santa Monica.

The salon has a variety of services, including an all-organic option, as well as one geared towards the men in our lives who might need a little pampering here and there. We had the chance to chat with owner Sarah Gibson to learn more about the salon and get the inside scoop on the biggest L.A. nail trends to look out for this season.

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What inspired the opening of Olive & June?

I truly wanted to create the nail salon experience that I was looking for— warm, friendly and lovely.

How did you decide on the options for you menu?

The services on the menu are named after some of the amazing women in my family. It was such an honor (and also so much fun!) to pair these treatments up with the wonderful women whom I admire so much.

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Can you explain your all-organic service in depth?

The Margot mani/pedi is our all-organic option. Customized with organic beauty products from Odacite, it is tailored to our client who wants that natural experience. Clients love it! 

You have The Vern option for men, how did you decide to have that service on the menu?

The Vern is actually unisex! We originally created it because we felt that the men in our lives (and hearts!) were underrepresented on the menu. We decided to create a unisex service ultimately we wanted everyone to enjoy it. And our clients go crazy for it! It’s been a huge hit.

Are there any looks, colors or nail art trends you’re noticing are really popular right now?

Stars! We can’t get enough of star manis.

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Your Instagram feed is beautiful. Do you have any tips for mastering the art of shooting hands/nails or “nailfies”?

We have worked so hard on this! If you go back to the beginning, you will see that our nailfies weren’t always perfectly lit! Given we try to post exclusively our own content, this can be challenging. We play around with filters and lighting all the time… I think we’ll always be continuing to perfect the art of a perfect #oliveyourmani shot!

What are you predicting for spring and summer for nail art trends and colors?

Playful nail art! It feels like half moons, etc. will continue to be popular but the rise of the star mani makes me think we’re going back into fun art again. Yay!

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Have any tips on getting the perfect nailfie? Let us know in the comments below, and then check out Olive & June’s Beverly Hills location.

[Images: Olive & June]