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Nyx FACE Awards Top 12 Finalists Announced

Nyx FACE Awards Top 12 Finalists Announced


By Kiana Martin

Nyx has announced their top twelve beauty vlogger finalists for this year’s FACE Awards, which will be hosted by Kandee Johnson, YouTube beauty guru. See the competitors here! 

Nyx FACE Awards Top 12 Finalists Announced

Every year for the past five years, Nyx Cosmetics presents beauty vloggers with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put their best face forward for a grand prize of $50,000, consultations with pro makeup artists and a year’s supply of Nyx Cosmetics (where do we sign up?). Through a series of themed challenges, finalists are selected based on their created looks and then ushered into the next level where the challenges only get harder and the competition stiffer. 

This year, the top twelve finalists were announced at an intimate dinner hosted by Nyx Cosmetics at the world-renowned Chateau Marmont. In attendance were legendary, award-winning makeup artist Ve Neill and former FACE Awards contestant Patrick Starrr. Below, photos of the dinner and its gorgeous guests. (By the way, Patrick is werkin’ the sequins off of that blazer!)

Nyx Cosmetics FACE Awards Dinner at the Chateau Marmont | Nyx FACE Awards 2016 Top 12 Finalists Announced; check it out at

Nyx Cosmetics FACE Awards Dinner at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, CA.

Legendary Makeup Artist, Ve Neill, at the Nyx FACE Awards 2016 Dinner | Nyx FACE Awards 2016 Top 12 Finalists Announced; check it out at

Legendary makeup artist Ve Neill with Sarah El-Annan from Nyx Cosmetics.

Former FACE Awards contestant, Patrick Starrr | Nyx FACE Awards 2016 Top 12 Finalists Announced; check it out at

Former FACE Awards contestant, Patrick Starrr, shows off his blazer, nails and on point makeup.

Beauty vloggers Kimberley Weber, Brianna Burrink, Haley Wight, Gina Shkeda, Laura Sanchez, Nicol Concilio, Megan Walter, Fernando Machado, Kristi McKee, Ryan Ibrahim, Bethany Salmons, and Alexa Poletti are vying for first place (although with a cash prize of $15,000 to the first five runner-ups, being second to fifth isn’t half bad) by competing in challenges such as the one featured below. Based on the submissions we’ve seen, selecting a winner will be next to impossible as this year’s competitors are fiercer than RuPaul in thigh-high glitter boots.

Below, an overview of the finalists and their best work.

Kimberley Weber

Kimberley Weber, Canadian makeup artist also known as Colour Creep, creates ethereal, magical and more often than not, colorful looks inspired by fairytales, anime and abstract art. While you wouldn’t wear any of her makeup looks to the beach, her creations are something to behold and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Below is her most popular YouTube tutorial.

Brianna Burrink

Brianna Burrink, also known as Brianna Fox, is a professional makeup artist from Chicago, IL. Brianna’s 15K+ Instagram following is oftentimes updated with looks that range from the quotidien to the theatrical. The look she created for the Challenge #2 of the Nyx FACE Awards showcases her ability to completely transform herself with makeup as her medium. See her look below! It’s fun and, to be honest, a little terrifying.

Haley Wight

Haley Wight is a young, up-and-coming beauty vlogger that has taken YouTube and Instagram by storm with her fun and engaging tutorials that feature looks inspired by celebrities, fiction and everyday life. On her channel, you’ll find everything from an abstract sunset inspired look that covers the décolletage to an everyday summer look featuring a healthy glow. There’s something for everyone which is probably why she’s a Top 12 Finalist. Check out her Female Titan look for the Nyx FACE Awards below!

Gina Shkeda

Aside from being really, really good-looking, Gina Shkeda also happens to be ridiculously hilarious which 1) restores our faith in humanity and 2) makes us love her even more! Gina’s YouTube isn’t just filled with high-quality makeup tutorials; there, you’ll also find life advice and laughs as Gina takes you on a journey through her life, ambivalence towards Beyonce and being single on Valentine’s Day (can we get an amen?). Catch her FACE Awards submission for the first challenge below!

Laura Sanchez

Uh, Laura Sanchez, could you be any more talented? Laura Sanchez is a professional makeup artist with an international following. Her YouTube videos are a mix of product reviews, everyday looks and designs inspired by horror and action films. For her Nyx FACE Award challenge, Laura recreated the Faun from Pan’s Labryinth. Watch the amazing tutorial below!

Nicol Concilio

Nicol Concilio is a 23 year old, self-taught beauty vlogger based in New York with an Instagram following of over 900K and a YouTube subscribership of over 200K. For her first FACE Awards challenge, she created a stunning Ice Queen look that was too beautiful for words. Learn how to create the look for yourself below.

Megan Walter

The mantra for Megan Walter’s, aka NSomniaksDream, YouTube page is that makeup is art. Her makeup tutorials are anything but boring and oftentimes feature theatrical, over-the-top looks that are better suited for a costume party than a day out with your girlfriends. The Hellhound Alucard makeup she created for the second challenge of the Nyx FACE Awards was both terrifying and captivating at the same time. Watch the tutorial for this hell raising look below.

Fernando Machado

Fernando Machado, the creative genius behind Pompberry, knows a thing or two about stage makeup, a fact that becomes apparent at first glance of his YouTube page which is filled with tutorials such as the Harley Quinn makeup tutorial, Iron Fist Zombie and Age of Ultron. Inspired by all things “nerdy,” Fernando’s makeup tutorials are inspired by characters from games, cosplay, movies and TV shows. For his FACE Awards submission, Fernando created a look inspired by “My Neighbor Totoro”! Watch the tutorial for the look below.

Kristi McKee

When it comes to YouTube beauty vloggers, it doesn’t get realer than Kristi McKee. This beloved, self-taught beauty guru, creates stunning looks that display her creativity and ability to work with makeup as a medium. Her videos include the usual fare of product reviews, unboxings and tutorials, but are also sprinkled with life advice, tips and tricks and real talk (something we could always have more of). For the Nyx FACE Awards, Kristi created a White Witch look for the first challenge and a Cyborg Ghost look for the second. Below are the two tutorials; which is your favorite?

Ryan Ibrahim

Ryan Ibrahim has the lip art game on lock! Her YouTube is full of gems that show you how to create everything from galactic pizza to mermaid scales on your lips. Whether you’re a MUA or a purveyor of all things cool, you’ll love Ryan’s YouTube channel and all of the great artwork it features. For the second challenge of the FACE Awards, Ryan recreated Naruto from Full Metal Alchemist. If you’re a fan of anime, you need to take a look at this makeup tutorial.

Bethany Salmons

For many, Bethany Salmons is more than a MUA but an inspiration. Brave enough to show others her acne, Bethany has inspired many with her honesty, transparency and relatibility. After watching one video of hers on YouTube, I felt as if I had known her for years! Her Nyx FACE Awards submissions were an aquatic Lady of the Lake look and a tutorial inspired by Full Metal Alchemist. Watch her second challenge submission below!

Alexa Poletti

The first word that comes to mind when you see Alexa Poletti‘s social media pages is “adorbz.” Or, if you wanted to be really emphatic, “Totes adorbz” because that’s exactly what it is! A cosplayer till her last day, Alexa’s YouTube is filled with fun, video game inspired tutorials such as her Storm Trooper and Bowser looks. For the second challenge of the Awards, Alexa recreated The Forgotten Troll, a unique look that stole our hearts. See the transformative look below.

On July 1st, the third challenge will be announced and from July 15-22, the top six finalists will be selected. Finalists are chosen by public votes so if you have a favorite, be sure to cast your vote at Nyx FACE Awards

To follow the competition on social media, check out #nyxfaceawards or the Nyx YouTube channel.

Which beauty vlogger will you be rooting for?

Images courtesy of Nyx Cosmetics.