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NYFW SS 2016 Nails: Transparency at Tracy Reese

NYFW SS 2016 Nails: Transparency at Tracy Reese


By semick

The beauty at Tracy Reese was a celebration of shine, sparkle and light with a focus on the designer’s theme of the collection: transparency. “The idea for the nails was based on my own manicure creation called the Unmanicure,” explains Geraldine Holford, lead manicurist for FABY USA, “It’s just a bare nail with a pop of bling, color or design. I presented it to Tracy and it married perfectly with her theme this year of transparency.”

Holford first coats the nails with FABY USA Smoothing Base Coat, a nail perfector and ridge filler. She follows with a strip of color polish in green, gold or silver across the width of the nail. The key, she notes, is applying the color polish with a light touch to achieve a sheer and slightly transparent look. Finally, Holford tops the negative-space design with Fast Dry top Coat for a glossy effect. —Kristyna Kane

IMG_7063 IMG_7052

Images: Kristyna Kane