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NYFW SS 2016 Nails: #StreetSweet at Nicole Miller

NYFW SS 2016 Nails: #StreetSweet at Nicole Miller


By semick

New York City is known for its vast artistic culture, whether it’s the bright lights of Broadway, the rich and diverse paintings found on Museum Mile, the multitude of musicians performing on subway platforms, or the buildings and abandoned warehouses covered with cutting-edge, urban graffiti. So, it seems only fitting that New York Fashion Week be the home to the debut of Nicole Miller’s 2016 Spring/Summer collection, which took inspiration from NYC street art.

Butter London lead manicurist Katie Jane Hughes crafts an edgy, graphic splatter-effect on tips, which complements the graffiti-esque patterns found in the collection. She applies two coats of Butter London Cotton Buds and then dips a stirring straw into Butter London Union Black Jack, which is then lightly blown onto the models’ nails. To finish the look, she repeats the process with Butter London Easy Peasy (launching in April 2016) on just a few random tips before sealing the design with Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat. “[Easy Peasy] is a vibrant orchid shade and we used it on a few nails to add a girly element,” says Hughes. “There’s a hashtag floating around within Nicole Miller, #streetsweet. So it’s street but with sweet edge.” Though messier, Hughes recommends keeping the straw at a farther distance to get the best splat possible. But, let’s be honest: There’s little room backstage to splatter from afar. In fact, it’s amazing she’s even doing this type of design on the fly in this high-pressure setting. “My worst fear is getting [lacquer] on a model’s Chanel bag!” she laughs.

Toes aren’t left unattended as Hughes polishes them with Union Black Jack followed by a coat of Hardware P.D. Quick Topcoat. “There’s a bit of a black toe theme happening [at Fashion Week],” she shares. “It’s pretty cool, fun and a bit rebellious.” –Molly Church

Nicole-Miller-butter-LONDON-3-LR Nicole-Miller-butter-LONDON-1-LR

Images: Courtesy of Butter London