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NYFW Spring 2017 Nails: KISS @ Naeem Khan

NYFW Spring 2017 Nails: KISS @ Naeem Khan


By David Simpson

The ’70s was a funky decade: polyester jumpsuits, big hair, bigger platforms. As such, the beauty at Naeem Khan is perfectly groovy as it looks back to the glamorous Halston girl of that time for inspiration. “It was that whole era where you have vibrant colors and various layers of fabric [as does Naeem in his collection],” says KISS lead nail artist Gina Edwards. “We wanted to complement [his collection] with a nail that wasn’t going to be too graphic or overpowering.” To get the subdued and subtle look, Edwards crafts a pink-and-nude faded ombré design. She first files KISS Salon Acrylic French Nude tips into an almond shape and then uses a fan brush from the KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit dipped in a custom-blend of KISS Gel Strong Polish in coral Sweet Angel, white French White and nude Sakura to paint the tips one at a time in a upward stroke, starting at the base of the nail. “Ombré is all about application,” she says. “I use a fan brush because it allows me to separate the color, apply it on the tip and blend it up.” After each nail is painted, she quickly adds a coat of KISS Gel Strong Top Coat. “The clear coat blends the color into the nail and gives it that soft, Lucite finish,” she says. “And [the reason] you have to paint one nail at a time is because if you do all 10 nails with the brushstrokes, and then go back later with the top coat, the color is already dried—you won’t get the same Lucite effect.” —Molly Church

[Image credits: Luzena Adams for KISS Products]