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NYFW Spring 2017 Nails: CND at Libertine

NYFW Spring 2017 Nails: CND at Libertine


By kfrost

Libertine’s designer, Johnson Hartig, has never been one to follow fashion rules. Perhaps that’s why his Spring/Summer 2017 collection harkens back to punk’s early days in the mid-70s, when railing against the government (those who make the rules) through music, literature and art fueled a subculture that still plays out today.

Because anarchy fuels punk, it stands to reason that the nails should buck traditional manicure governance as well. “I’m calling this our ‘split-style’ manicure,” says CND Co-founder Jan Arnold. “Each hand [on each model] has a different look. We’re clashing up the colors and the textures.”

Twenty-five different nail art looks dress hands; Arnold says, “They’re all designed to look like a punk rock collage.” There’s the “Rock and Flock” set, where one hand boasts black tips encrusted with jewels while the other hand is doused in neon-bright flocking powder. Or, the “Frock and Chain,” where chains drip from nails on one hand and plumes of pink faux fur sprout from the other.

As is typical fashion for CND, the team turns out true pieces of art: 3-D sculptures of Hartig’s dogs are the brainchild of CND Design Team member Shelena Robinson, as is painted tips featuring Queen Elizabeth II with a nose ring and the most precise, stencil-like words: Libertine #Chic as Hell. (These were hand-painted, no stencils involved. Fellow member Ashley Craig hand-sculpted 3-D faces with bars across the eyes, and guest artist Winnie Huang crafted “King Johnson” nails on which the designer’s visage is encapsulated with jewels, bullion and pearled crowns (of course).

—Karie L. Frost

[Image credits: Courtesy of CND]